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David Chipperfield receives Praemium Imperiale Award in architecture
Posted: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 |

British architect David Chipperfield has been named as one of the five laureates in the Praemium Imperiale Awards for 2013. The announcement was made on Sept. 17 in Rome, New York, London, Berlin, Paris and Tokyo.

Since 1989, the annual global arts award from the Japan Art Association honors recipients in painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and theater/film.

David Chipperfield, 2013 Laureate of Architecture

David Chipperfield: 2013 Praemium Imperiale Award Laureate in architecture.

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David Chipperfield: 2013 Praemium Imperiale Award Laureate in architecture.

"The artists are recognized and awarded for their achievements, for the impact they have had internationally on the arts, and for their role in enriching the global community. Each laureate receives an honorarium of 15 million yen, and a diploma and medal will be presented by honorary patron of the Japan Art Association Prince Hitachi in an awards ceremony held in Tokyo on October 16, 2013.

In addition to the Praemium Inperiale awards in 5 categories, the Japan Art Association gives an annual grant of 5 million yen to a group or institution that encourages the involvement of young people in arts."

Chipperfield will also give a commemorative lecture for the 2013 Grant for Young Artists on October 17.

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