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Design the Stockholm of 2023 Inside the Video Game Minecraft
Posted: Monday, July 15, 2013 |

Stockholm-based architecture firm Equator has partnered up with Swedish video game developers Mojang, creators of the wildly popular game Minecraft, for a very unique architectural competition: the Stockholm 2023 Minecraft Challenge invites all players of the game to design their vision of a futuristic Stockholm in the year 2023 — within the game itself. The competition accepts submissions until July 31st.

Find the announcement from Equator's website below as well as an introductory video to the competition (the video is in Swedish, so try to channel your inner Scandinavian).

Equator's Minecraft Competition video

Still from Equator's Minecraft Competition video

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Still from Equator's Minecraft Competition video

HSB Stockholm has chosen a site, at Kungsbroplan in Stockholm, for its future project in 2023, where they want to see new ideas about housing in the future.

But a good city is not just about housing, it should have  other exciting features as well. Therefore, we at Equator and Mojang would like to invite all minecrafters to a Minecraft competition where you`d get the chance to come up with ideas about how Stockholm could look like in 2023.

The Minecraft challenge is to design a tall building on the chosen site with housing and your amazing ideas! Come up with ideas about what you`d want to see in Stockholm 2023.

From July 1 to 31, there will be a server: ksf.so opened for all interested minecraft builders.

On August 8, Equator chooses three winners who will get fine Mojang prizes. The ideas of the three laureates will be presented in the Equator Stockholm architectural proposal for the HSB competition.

via Equator's website

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