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The 2012-13 Rome Prize Winners Are Announced
Posted: Monday, April 30, 2012 |

The American Academy in Rome recently announced the winners of the 116th annual Rome Prize Competition. Recipients of the 2012-2013 prizes are provided with a fellowship that includes a stipend, a study or studio, and room and board for a period of six months to two years in Rome, Italy.

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The 2012-2013 Rome Prize winners are:

  • Erik Adigard, Design
  • Ross Benjamin Altheimer, Landscape Architecture
  • Polly Apfelbaum, Visual Arts
  • Patrick Baker, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies
  • Peter Jonathan Bell, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies
  • Joshua Colin Birk, Medieval Studies
  • Emma Blake, Ancient Studies
  • Nicholas Blechman, Design
  • Pablo Castro Estévez, Architecture
  • Anthony Cheung, Musical Composition
  • Lucy Corin, Literature
  • Carl D'Alvia, Visual Arts
  • Steven J.R. Ellis, Ancient Studies
  • Jessica Fisher, Literature
  • Mari Yoko Hara, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies
  • Thomas Hendrickson, Ancient Studies
  • Jesse Jones, Musical Composition
  • Brenda Longfellow, Ancient Studies
  • Randall Mason, Historic Preservation and Conservation
  • Camille S. Mathieu, Modern Italian Studies
  • Karen M'Closkey, Landscape Architecture
  • Glendalys Medina, Visual Arts
  • Claudia Moser, Ancient Studies
  • William O'Brien Jr., Architecture
  • Dominique Kirchner Reill, Modern Italian Studies
  • Irene San Pietro, Ancient Studies
  • Beth Saunders, Modern Italian Studies
  • Elizabeth Kaiser Schulte, Historic Preservation and Conservation
  • Denton Alexander Walthall, Ancient Studies
  • Nari Ward, Visual Arts

Each year, through a national competition, the Rome Prize is awarded to approximately thirty individuals who represent the highest standard of excellence in the arts and humanities. Prize recipients are invited to Rome for six months to two years to immerse themselves in the Academy community where they will enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity to expand their own professional, artistic, or scholarly pursuits, drawing on their colleagues' erudition and experience and on the inestimable resources that Italy, Europe, and the Academy have to offer.

Among many other fields, these are the 2012-13 Rome Prize winners in the fields of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Design:

PABLO CASTRO ESTÉVEZ (Architecture, James R. Lamantia, Jr., Rome Prize)
Principal, OBRA Architects, New York, NY
Seeking a New Poetic of Dwelling: The Lessons of Modern Social Housing in Europe in the Early Twentieth Century

WILLIAM O’BRIEN, JR. (Architecture, Founders Rome Prize)
Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Principal, William O'Brien, Jr., LLC, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Anachronous Formalisms: The Renewed Novelty of Architectures of Rome

ROSS BENJAMIN ALTHEIMER (Landscape Architecture, Prince Charitable Trusts Rome Prize)
Landscape Architecture Studio Leader, Hammel Green and Abrahamson, Minneapolis, MN
Welds and Quips in Subterranean Rome

KAREN M’CLOSKEY (Landscape Architecture, Garden Club of America Rome Prize)
Assistant Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Pennsylvania
Principal, PEG office of landscape + architecture, Philadelphia, PA
A Field Guide to Rome: Baedeker and Beyond

ERIK ADIGARD (Design, Katherine Edwards Gordon Rome Prize)
Founder and Designer, M-A-D
Lecturer, California College of the Arts
From Stones to Cloud: the entropy of image

NICHOLAS BLECHMAN (Design, Cynthia Hazen Polsky and Leon Polsky Rome Prize)
Art Director, The New York Times, New York, NY
Nozone XI: Indigestion (The Food Issue)

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