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3Dimensional front - Exhibition structure/Installation
Register/Submit: Monday, April 09, 2012

The challenge – “3Dimensional front”

Due to the urban structure of New York city, most buildings don't have more than 2 visible and livable facades; the front and the back, which makes the façade one of the most important element of the building. The choice of having the facade treated in one way or another determines the qualities of the interior and exterior experience (Opaque, transparent, hollowed..) but we wonder: and WHAT ABOUT THE IN BETWEEN?

The challenge of this competition is to design a temporary structure/installation that will challenge the common purpose and use of a façade. A traditional facade is usually experienced as a flat 2 dimensional element where the quality it generates is mostly about visibility/transparency and aesthetics. We would like to transform the facade into a 3dimensional element. We want the proposed projects to enhance the experience of entering a space beyond just opening a door. We are interested in the "in between" experience created between the exterior and interior part of the structure.

The site

The proposed site is located outside of the milavec Hakimi Gallery at 51 cooper square in NYC. (the new cooper union building) We wish the proposed project to be inspired by this amazing building showcasing how a facade can be way more than just a bi dimensional element. The MIlavec Hakimi Gallery is an art gallery showing fun contemporary art and therefore we ask you to relate your work with a progressive contemporary thinking. The starting point of your work should be the conception of a 3dimensional front to the gallery`s existing glass wall. This 3dimensional front must have a certain depth in which different experiences can take place. The experiences we are seeking are related to the activities of the gallery. Your proposed structure/s can either integrate art pieces into it (Outdoor exhibition space) or simply offer an experience where it`s the art piece itself.

The Program

The program set for this challenge is comprised of a 550 Sq. feet (50 M2) of exhibition structure/installation. The structure's purpose is either the serve as an experimental installation positioned outside of a gallery and play a role in the ongoing exhibition or to provide the gallery with an outdoor exhibition space that will show up to 6 works of different nature. The structure may have an interior space but should be conceived as an on open public space. Your work can also be conceived as several independent objects/structures that will form a front to the gallery. You are not obliged to use the whole foot print allocated in the plan nor use the maximal height. The conception of lighting and sound are welcome and will be considered a + for the project.

  • 550 feet of structure / Installation space. (50 M2)
  • Maximal height of the structure is set to 17 feet. (500 cm) See elevation
  • No restrictions on width or length for the structure (Within the site boundaries).
  • The structure has to be structurally independent and must not touch the adjacent walls or any of the building's elements. It can be anchored to the ground.

What we look for

anonymous.d is looking for original responses... We are looking for something simple but powerful enough to intrigue the passer by. We want people who see the work to question the visual but to be even more surprised the unique architectural/human experience this work will offer. We are also looking for the technical intelligence of mounting a relatively small structure by the use of simple materials assembled together in a sophisticated way leading to a unique aesthetic expression. Parametric design methods are encouraged.

More information on www.anonymousd.com

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