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AIA Forward journal, Call for Papers
Register/Submit: Saturday, September 15, 2012

Forward Call for Author Submissions
Submissions Due Friday, September 14th, 2012

Forward and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Associates Committee (NAC) invites article submissions for Forward, the Architecture and Design Journal of the National Associates Committee.

Forward, the bi-annual design journal of the National Associates Committee, is distributed to AIA leadership, 85,000+ members, non-members and educators.  The journal is a research-based publication that presents articles from the perspective of the designer or artist.  We also strive to extend our focus beyond architecture towards multidisciplinary discussions incorporating art and technology.

In addition, submitting authors will have the opportunity to be selected as part of the Forward Peer Review process.  Appointments will be made based on the quality of an author’s submission and alignment with Forward’s journalistic objectives.

Forward Editors:
Olivia Graf Doyle
Christina Noble
Gregory Marinic
C.A. Debelius
Meg Jackson
Joseph Lawton
Janice Ninan
Cindy Louie

Fall 2012 Call: Forward 212:  'Identity'

Submission Guidelines

Forward welcomes the submission of essays, projects and responses to articles. All Forward issues are themed, so articles and projects are selected relative to the issue’s specific subject. Please contact the Forward Director, Olivia Graf Doyle, if you have any questions about the direction of your article.

Please send your final documentation to Olivia Graf Doyle, Forward Director via email at olivia.graf@hmcarchitects.com on or before Friday, September 14th, 2012.  If you anticipate any difficulties meeting this deadline, please contact Ms. Graf Doyle as soon as possible.  Articles will be selected through a peer-review process followed by an editorial review by the Forward Director, Forward Assistant Directors and the Forward Advisory Board.

In addition, submitting authors will have the opportunity to be selected as part of the Forward Peer Review process.  Appointments will be made based on the quality of an author’s submission and alignment with Forward’s journalistic objectives.

Forward 212 will explore concepts of identity. As innovators of art and architecture, we often wear multiple hats and have diverse talents that we channel into our projects, our teaching and our passions. How do we identify as architects, designers, students and teachers? Do we identify as public servants or as artists... Or even possibly as both? What roles do our constructed work, original ideas, and learned knowledge play in the context of identity, whether cultural or social, historical or theoretical, perceived or tangible?

In this issue of Forward, topics can consider branding, inter-disciplinary design, how perceptions are generated, and ideas that cross-pollinate between industries and professions. Research-based articles, as well as artistic works, can be explored to present ideas that bridge various disciplines and direct us to the future of the profession. Project-specific discussions can describe the abstract and conceptual, as well as how ideas related to identity can translate into everyday practice.

Please email a final article to the Forward Director.  Please attach a resume or curriculum vitae and include all requirements listed below as one complete package.
Forward requires that all authors provide their own line-edits.  Authors are also responsible for proper documentation of citations and research as endnotes.  All images permissions are the responsibility of the author.


  1. Please submit your article as a text document of 700-3500 words in MS Word (.doc) format.
  2. Please use italics (no underlining) when appropriate and follow the Chicago Manual of Style for grammar and references.
  3. At the end of the article, please include a short biography in 3-5 sentences, including your credentials and recent experience. Also include a headshot .jpg image (1” x 1” 300dpi) in your submission.
  4. Please include all your attributions in a “REFERENCES” section located at the end of your document.  Use document endnotes with attribution in the REFERENCES section.  Number your references beginning with 1.  Reference the Chicago Manual of Style for format questions.


  1. We highly encourage the submission of images. Submit related images in .tiff  and .jpg format with 300 dpi and at least 3” x 5” in size.
  2. The author is responsible for obtaining permissions for the use of images and must provide written statements of permission from each copyright owner (from photographer or creator of the original work).
  3. Provide a MS Word (.doc) file indicating captions for each image and who is to be credited as the copyright owner for each individual image. Clearly identify the related images by referencing the image’s file name.

Forward encourages researchers, designers, artists and scientists to discuss their scholarly research.  Articles focused on research should have a strong, original thesis related to the issue theme.  We encourage multidisciplinary discussion and collaboration and actively seek broad perspectives from those outside the architecture profession.

Forward encourages design professionals to discuss their recently awarded, in progress or completed projects.  Articles should specifically speak to the issue’s theme, and simultaneously discuss design intent and how it translates into the final project. Please describe the conceptual ideas, development process, project intent and project type or program.  Also include edited documentation of plans, sections and relevant conceptual sketches, diagrams, model photos and construction photos.

Aditi Bisen
New Delhi, DL, IN
Sunday, August 19, 2012
Where can I read terms and conditions/ rules of the competition?
Is this competition open to architects from India?

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