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Bike Base Trimo Urban Crash 2013
Register/Submit: Thursday, January 31, 2013

The 2013 competition invites students to design a unique public venue - a Bike Service and Coffee Shop called the Bike Base, executed with Trimo materials, applying the paradigm of modular architecture in the aspect of self-sufficiency and sustainabilty. The winning project will be erected on a designated plot donated by the City of Ljubljana.

Trimo Urban Crash is a competition for undergraduate/diploma students of architecture and design. The competition awards the best project with its permanent realisation on location while the author also receives a summer school at the AA School in London, UK. The finalists will be awarded with a place in the study trip and workshop in Slovenia and representation in the catalogue.

The guidelines and materials are available free of charge to registered users, at www.trimo-urbancrash.com.

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