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Build a Better Burb
Register/Submit: Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The time for thinking cautiously is over. We invite you to begin your process of envisioning and designing the next generation of suburban downtowns.

Statistical indicators show that Long Island is facing several pressing challenges: to build affordable housing and greater housing choice, especially for rentals; to reduce car dependency and congestion; to bring Long Island’s diverse communities together in a shared public realm; to improve equity and access to opportunity for all; to meet the needs of retiring baby boomers who wish to age in place; and to fight the “brain drain” of younger residents who don’t see a future here and leave.

There has been a crisis of imagination, and your bold new ideas are urgently needed. There should be no preconceptions about what is or is not possible. What would you do on these acres of opportunity? Build a car-free community for thousands? Plant an oasis of urban agriculture? Produce renewable energy and provide well-paying green jobs? Use landscape systems to repair ruptures in regional ecologies?

The best ideas, designs, images and videos will be selected as finalists by a diverse jury of distinguished academics and professionals and exhibited on the website. Cash prizes totaling $22,500 will be awarded.”


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housing, ecology, long island, suburbs
Friday, April 30, 2010
can anyone join this competition? im very interested in joining for experiences purposes and if i win that might be awesome. smile

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