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Call for Submissions - Lantern Volume 1 Issue 4
Register/Submit: Thursday, November 29, 2012


For Winter, Lantern has chosen Ground as its theme. Now in the production of its fourth and final issue of Volume I, Lantern seeks to explore the firmament, from its edges at the shore of vast bodies of water to its long arc of horizon again the sky. Where the pull of gravity meets the press of sky, where the long dark steals the light and greys the night, where the fields grow silent in their slow hibernation, the Winter issue will investigate—face down and faced with—the ground.

We encourage you to submit your work to Lantern: architecture, poetry, short fiction, essays, images, music, academic pieces. We are interested in thought and expression and connection, and we don’t much care what forms those things come in. We will value your work for its strength of character and for its contribution to a whole that seeks something better. Please view the theme of work as you wish—creatively or destructively, literally or figuratively—and feel free to wander off from its center point as we venture beyond the lantern’s glow to the endarkened places where academic and other such publications stop.

Lantern is being read in 824 different cities (New York #1), 81 different countries (U.S .#1), Six Continents (and 12 visitors off continents), The journal has been translated by Google into 10 different languages (least of which is French  at 13x’s). Join us in a collaborative exploration of Ground that celebrates Winter Solstice in Volume I, Issue 4 of Lantern.

For more information, or to submit visit: http://lanternjournal.org/category/submissions/

Editors of Lantern,

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