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LUNCH8: Futures for Sites Unknown - CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS
Register/Submit: Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On behalf of LUNCH, the student-run design journal of the University of Virginia School of Architecture, we are excited to welcome submissions of abstracts and papers for our upcoming volume, "Futures for Sites Unknown." Following a long tradition of student-run journals at UVA that extends back to 1965 with "Modulus," LUNCH seeks diverse essays and projects from students and professionals around the world for compilation in its eighth edition. Our seventh edition featured conversations with Rafael Moneo, Eduardo Arroyo, Teresa Gali-Izard, Julian Raxworthy, Levi Bryant, Camilo Restrepo, Iñaki Alday, and Robin Dripps. We are accepting completed work as well as abstracts for new material for "Futures for Sites Unknown," to be published in May of 2013. If interested, please refer to our content description and contact information below.

LUNCH8: Futures for Sites Unknown

We at LUNCH feel this is an incredibly exciting time to be a designer. As the world is on the brink of unprecedented change, we must ask ourselves how to address problems on the horizon when we are only starting to have a glimpse of what they will be. In the 8th edition of LUNCH, we seek projects and papers that explore emerging conditions of growth, scarcity, and catastrophe; the changing thresholds between land and water, inside and outside; and the edge of the city and countryside; and other projects that address adaptability and change.

  • How do we design in the present with foresight for changing demands of density and climate change?
  • Where can design fill voids created by economic and environmental catastrophe?
  • How can infrastructure adapt to shifting and rising populations?
  • What historic investigations can frame conditions of present and future sites?

SNACK 01: Design and Activism was our first micro-publication exploring "Futures for Sites Unknown." This SNACK highlights the work of Kate Orff, founder of SCAPE, through a student run interview and a lecture at the School of Architecture. Kate is a leading designer whose work presents futures for sites dealing with contamination, sensitive ecologies, consumption, and rising sea levels, among others. Her work not only pursues long term strategies for designing under these conditions, but continually asks, “What can we do right now?”

Similar to Kate’s work, contributors to "LUNCH8: Futures For Sites Unknown" are encouraged to present critical statements and alternative practices across a range of scales and a variety of conditions. We welcome innovative projects and papers that take on the call to solve emerging problems of the present in ways that can be scaled to the needs of the future, or address issues you feel will become more pressing in coming years or decades. Some approaches may rethink the relationships currently inherent in design altogether.

FINAL submission deadline:

January 28, 2013. On this date only complete paper or project, ~2k words with supplementary visual material, will be accepted.

Further Information:

Please visit www.uvalunch.com or email submissions@uvalunch.com with questions or submissions.

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