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Museum Of Architecture (MOA), London Competition
Register: Thursday, July 19, 2012
Submit: Tuesday, September 04, 2012


The aim of this two-stage  “winner of winners“ International ideas competition is to design a NEW Museum Of Architecture in London, on the site of the Iconic Old London Battersea Power Station on the bank of the River Thames. This Icon structure and prime site has laid derelict for number of years with plan after plan for re-developments, has posed a challenge for developers. It is a protected building, which means that the four chimneys would have to be incorporated into any design. ArchTriumph calls on architects to rise to the challenge provided by such an opportunity to be innovative and responsive to such a site and location with bold ideas for this Museum.

Organiser: ArchTriumph – “Triumph of Architecture + Design”

  • Special Registration: from 2nd April
  • Early Registration: from 16th April 2012
  • Standard Registration:  from 19th June 2012
  • Late Registration: from 19th July

Architects, architecture graduates, architecture students, engineers, planners, designers or inter-disciplinary team (Maximum of 4 professionals) comprising of at least one architect.

Prizes / Awards:
Winning participants will receive cash prizes totaling US$ 17,000.00 distribution as follows:
Stage1: Total prize fund of US$ 6,000  + Shortlist for “Triumph” Showcase Sustainable Pavilion
Stage2: Total prize fund of US$ 11,00   + Shortlist for “Triumph” Showcase Sustainable Pavilion
Joining the overall winners will be an additional 10 Triumphant mentions

Website: www.archtriumph.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/archtriumph

Sunday, March 11, 2012
Archtriumph? can we have names of some real people involved? the jury members?
why dollars when the landmark is in the UK?
In what way is Archtriumph connected to the owners/developers of the site?...Is this competition in conjunction to RIBA rules?
"ArchTriumph calls on architects to rise to the challenge provided by such an opportunity to be innovative and responsive to such a site and location with bold ideas for this Museum.".....how does conserving the landmark and forgetting about your profits sound for a bold idea??

f pinkstone
Saturday, March 17, 2012
this really smells bad. i would avoid and report to RIBA or AIA or someone.

Sunday, March 18, 2012
why the website does not work? sounds like interesting competition but there is something not right about it...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Do you really think that 6.000 for a Museum competition would involve the owner?, HA!, this is just a simple academic excercise. No RIBA, AIA. Don't be so naive

Friday, April 13, 2012
Apologies to the organisers if I am wrong but this screams SCAM! (in case you missed it that was SCAM!)

12 "categories" - actually 12 different building competitions around the world each with a separate (minimum) $100 entry fee ... and the in 'stage 2' shortlisted entrants design yet another building

If you scroll down to the bottom of http://www.archtriumph.com/ there is a row of logos of POTENTIAL media sponsors (like the Architectural Review)

Guys and gals - without some serious proof of legitimacy DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON THIS

Bustler - please investigate, and as always don't let them piggyback on your legitimacy

Tuesday, May 01, 2012
I think it's kinda strange, just notify if I'm wrong, but does not smell like real ones....

United States
Thursday, May 17, 2012
They all look pretty bad. I downloaded the brief for one in Dubai and it had no mention of the specific site location. It only said it would be in Dubai. I got the impression that the brief was used again and again for different competitions without much change. Templates are fine, but no real specifics at all. that is a problem...

Thanks elnoma for pointing it out. I googled Archtriumph and SCAM together and your post came up.

Zurich, CH
Tuesday, July 03, 2012
Hm- behind arch triumph is a company called "Vertadis", which is run out of Croyden, London: http://www.cdrex.com/vertadis-limited-3721866.html

The director is a "KIM BENJAMIN-STOWE", who also owns a company "denimsport ltd" that trades in Jeans.
Now is the first price a lifetime-supply of stonewashed denim Jeans?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012
Plus, the whole thing looks like a bad AC-CA.org copy.
From their Terms & Conditions, it seems that they deserve the right to cancel any 1st stage competition with less than 25 entries. ( 25 x 100$-250$ = 2500$-6250$ in fees)
Somebody is trying to mke a quick buck here... Big nope!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Dear All,
Thank you for your comments. We here at ArchTriumph sincerely wish we didn't have to waste our time responding to some of the rather negative comments founded on very little fact.

It will also be nice if you could also comment with your full names and professional position. Please ring us if you have any qureries about the Awards

We encourage freedom of speech but we should all remember and be aware that it comes with responsibilty. We will however, take time to respond to every comments listed above:
1) The names of the Jury is on the website and it is nothing usual to state that the names of the jury to be announced (TBA) for a competition.
2) The award is in dollars because we are an international competition and was deemed the most universally used currency (easy for our participant and payment gateway provider). It does not matter where a landmark resides or a development. Is not usual to carry out a build in say Dubai and the agreed contracted sum to be paid in say dollars.
3)We clearly stated in the brief that we are not in any way connected to the previous owners/developers of the site or any other past developer and do not need the competition set in conjunction to any RIBA rules.
4)It is not our place to conserve the landmark, but we have organise a competition to encourage discussion about of this iconic structure with strict condition that all proposal preserve the four chimney which are protected. Sau, I think you know and understand very little of the site in question. We here have a desire to see the best possible outcome for this prime and also iconic site.

The website had a message to advise visitors on when it will be fully functional during our initial maintenance and update. It was not a case of the URL not working or domain not found. Visitors were kept informed.

It is an ideas competition with $24,000 total fund: $12,000 distributed to winners of stage 1 and again $12,000 distriubuted among stage 2 winners. I am not sure where RIBA and AIA which we abosutely repect comes into it.

1) There are twelve categories for stage 1 which gives participants the choice to select a competition project. They do not have to pay anything else for stage 2. You did not visit the site or read the detail. It is a shame people especially those considered professionals still respond in this way in an age of mass information and communication.
2) Again, it is not unusual to list sponsors you intend to get on board, or those yet to decide or even those an organiser is talking to about sponsorship as "Potential Sponsors", whilst you await their confirmed support. Nothing wrong that at all.
3) We have our business registration number, VAT Tax Number, office address and phone line all listed on the website to handle any query.

We respect your initial apprehension, however it is always best to have the facts.

You downloaded the brief for the Dubai competition, however fail to read and understand that that stage is constraint free to allow participants to be as creative as possible choosing any site within the specified city. Now, we are not the only awards to do this and it is does indeed encourage creative flare in idea / concept stages of a competition.

1) Thank you for pointing out the obvious. The company registration number is on the website and ArchTriumph as an Awards brand comes under that company. Companies by-the-way, can be registered with the company secretary, accountant or lawyers operating addresses. We are indeed registered in Croydon, Surrey NOT Croyden, London.

2) And our management including myself have experience in Design, Fashion, Art, Architecture, finance and Charity Events. Yes, we have been involved in sustainable and recycled denim projects and continue to do so. Two members of the team were involved in curating and organising the very first Denim Exhibition in the UK (a fusion of Art and Fashion).

1) May we also remind you that, yes! we are passionate about architecture, privately funded and are a business NOT a charity.

2) Yes, we reserve the right to cancel any 1st Stage competition with less than 25 entries as there is a reason it is called a contest. It requires a fair amount of competition or sample of projects adding to the rich and exciting pool of ideas. It is in effect a "No Contest" where this fails. We have clearly stated this. The financial viability also has to be taken into account. We will also to drawing your attention to the fact that where a competition category is cancelled, entrants are given the opportunity of the entry fee refund and automatically qualify for the next stage at no extra cost.

3) There is no quick money to be made with such awards like ours as there are a lot of travelling cost, research cost, administrative, analysis and raising the the funds for the cash awards.

Kinds Regrads,
Kim B Stowe
ArchTriumph Management
+44 (0)20 740 4567

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Our team here, work very hard to provide the platform for architects and students to dream and be creative. Architecture is not an easy endeavour but one that requires hard work, dedication and staying power.

We are proud of our ideas and the contribution we make to the architecture community. We enjoy our work and inspiring architects, student and creatives in general is what we do.

Kinds Regrads,
Kim B Stowe
ArchTriumph Management
+44 (0)20 740 4567

Thursday, September 20, 2012
Hello ArchTriumph,
Your website seems to be down. Is this a temporary thing or permanent?
This better not be a scam
I guess I only have my stupidity to blame.

Monday, October 01, 2012
Dear Anonymous,
Our website was down for a few hours and was back online soon after our technical team and hosting supplier worked effectively to get the issue resolved.

We apologies for any inconvenience as this was beyond the control ArchTriumph. Our suppliers have since apologise for the episode.

We look forward to continuing to serve you and the architecture community.

Kinds Regrads,
Kim B Stowe
ArchTriumph Management

Its all about the peer review
Thursday, April 04, 2013
Just look at the panel of judges and you can see its not really of a high enough standard to justify young architects investing money and huge amounts of time. I doesn't look like there's much a peer review for the 1st stage of the competition either which is highly irregular.

Winning an award only really has value if the peer reviewers are of a high standard which in my personal opinion they are not. My hunch is that this is a cost cutting exercise by Architrump to maximise profits. If that makes it a scam, well then that's for people to decide for themselves.

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