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Night Lights - Call for Entries
Register/Submit: Monday, December 17, 2012

The Directors of 22 are proud to announce our latest gallery exhibit – Night Lights.

Night Lights will showcase the work of 5-10 designers and artists who are working with concepts related to light. We are looking for a variety of work, including work that incorporates actual light sources and work that deals with “light” on a more conceptual basis. We’re open to all media, so we encourage people to submit work ranging from light fixtures and lighting installations to projections, light boxes, paintings, drawings, or anything else you think might relate. We can show existing work, and we can also work with you directly with you to create the right environment for new work if you’re interested in creating something site-specific.

22 is a multi-use creative space in Berwyn, just west of downtown Chicago. The goal of 22 is twofold: to showcase the work of emerging and established artists and designers from within the Chicago area, and to bring innovative and informative work to our community from the rest of the world. To reach these goals, 22 functions as a design studio during the day and as a flexible art space the rest of the time. This flexibility allows 22 to serve as a venue for gallery exhibitions, markets, installations, performances, lectures, and so on. Many exhibits at 22 examine on the overlap between art and design, often through material studies or conceptual explorations. By focusing on light, a concept that concerns both artists and designers alike, Night Lights is our latest attempt to bridge this gap.

We're accepting submissions through December 16. We are accepting either completed existing work or proposals for new work. Even though we’re based near Chicago, we encourage local, national and international artists to apply. It is the responsibility of any accepted artist to have work safely delivered to the 22 studio and picked up at the end of the exhibit.

We ask that participating artists who live in the Chicagoland area attend the Opening Reception on Saturday, January 19. Artists might also be asked to participate in a panel discussion or lecture at 22 during the run of the show.

Submission requirements:

  • Artist name and contact information (e-mail, phone number)
  • CV
  • A written description of your submission, including size, medium and display requirements
  • 2-5 pictures (sketches or images of similar previous work are acceptable if submitting a proposal for new work)

E-mail submissions and/or questions to submissions@22berwyn.com

Dec. 16th – submissions are due by midnight
Dec. 21st  – artists/designers will be notified
Jan. 13th– final work must be at 22 by the end of the day
Jan. 19th – Night Lights opening reception at 7pm
Mar. 16th – End of Night Lights exhibition

 *Submitting work does not guarantee you a spot in the show.


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