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The first activity within the framework of the OperaLab project, scheduled for 2012, is the Identity Design/Design Identity competition.
The purpose of the project is to showcase fresh new examples of Polish architectural and interior design in the context of the space of what ranks among the most significant interiors for the Polish art, Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa. The initiative is intended to show opportunities for building relations between various fields of art.
Each of the competition categories draws on strong interrelations that occur in the creative process on the line between the form and the idea. The essence of the project is to explore and demonstrate creative tensions at the junction of the consciously established relation between the idea and the form and function.
A confrontation of these elements may yield identity, a distinctive component or a set of components enabling easy decoding and connotation of a product, or architectural space, with specific values. The ever-changing city as a complex structure is a playground for thousands of such elements. Our vital concern is to have the competition show the complicated and multi-layered urban structure.
A selection of notions will be used as a point of reference for designers. They will serve as a guide in the design process.
The selected keywords are the following: identity, heritage, brand, image, style, function, limitation, prestige, availability, quality.
The winning works will be selected by a committee of experts appointed from among authorities in the fields of art, science and business. With the support of their knowledge and expertise, expert participation will allow to make the most of the potential inherent in the project.

Competition Schedule:
The Competition will be opened up on 12 October 2012.
Competition works being subject to evaluation by the panel of judges will be presented during a post-competition exhibition
entitled Design of Identity/Identity of Design at Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa in January and February 2013.
11.10.2012 – official announcement of the Competition
12.10.2012 – opening of the Competition
12.12.2012 – closing of the Competition (UPDATED!)
16-17.12.2012 – announcement of the Competition results
01/02.2013 – opening of the post-competition exhibition and awarding of prizes
03.2013 – closing of the exhibition + discussion panels


Categories Architecture

Pawilion - Mobile Ideas

The aim of the competition is the selection and realisation of the concept of a mobile pavilion, allowing the OperaLab Project to perform a number of artistic and intellectual activities – from exhibition presentations, through film screenings, ballet and opera presentations, to concerts and discussion panels. The form of the pavilion should communicate the innovative character of the project, amalgamating many artistic disciplines and carry the identity of Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa and BMW, creating a dialogue with the urban space. The open character of the pavilion should encourage performing activities and allow easy interaction.

According to the assumptions of the competition for the design of a mobile exhibition pavilion, constituting the core of the activity of OperaLab the pavilion should be built from renewable materials and its structure should be flexible and easy to assemble and dismantle. An important aspect of the project is a creative reference to the architectural identity of Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa and its interpretation using modern forms of expression and the idea of innovative mobility – the identity core of the BMW brand. The mobile pavilion should consist of modules, so that it can be easily adapted both in an open urban space and indoors, with particular emphasis put on the space of Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa. The structure of the pavilion should be based on easy transformation, allowing a wide range of activities, including exhibitions, organisation of meetings, film screenings or the organisation of intimate shows. The production cost should not exceed PLN 200,000.

Functional and ideological assumptions

  • the pavilion should be characterised by timeless architecture using modern technological solutions. Due to the strategic role played in the Polish culture by Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa, the pavilion should refer to its identity, seeking a dialogue in timeless solutions and ideas. It should combine in an innovative way the identity of the location with contemporary formal and technological solutions,
  • the pavilion should consist of separate modules, which, when put together, make up a complete structure, still allowing variant use (individual elements should have the functionality of internal exhibition modules),
  • the pavilion will be used outdoors during the spring and summer season,
  • the pavilion’s structure should be flexible, easy to adapt to the needs of various cultural activities,
  • the usable floorage has been set at 150 m²,
  • the pavilion should be ecological,
  • the pavilion should be technologically feasible,
  • the costs of erecting the pavilion should not exceed PLN 200,000,
  • the functional arrangement should provide for space that is easy to arrange and have technical amenities
  • the pavilion should allow easy installation of multimedia equipment,
  • one of the walls should have the function of an interactive multimedia booth, with independent access,
  • the pavilion as a concept should come with the interior design and furnishing which could be used in the open space in front of the pavilion,
  • the structure of the pavilion should be designed using renewable materials,
  • the pavilion should have facilities for the disabled.

Design Category

Design play with identity
It is important to create a whole environment for the design. For this reason comprehensive identification and packaging of the product should be taken into account.

The subject matter of the contest is the design of two products from a product line signed with the OperaLab brand. The designs should refer to the identity of the brands of Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa and BMW and be innovatively inspired by their heritage, creating a modern product of high aesthetic and functional values.

Elements of the architecture, interior design and history of the building of Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa and designs of the BMW Group will provide inspiration and the point of reference in the process of designing the products. Thanks to this a strong identity of the place and a characteristic, unique and modern product will be created. Apart from purely aesthetic advantages, this correlation is also of considerable educational value.

Functional and ideological assumptions

  • the product is addressed to a narrow target group able to understand the aesthetic context and easily decode meanings associated with various disciplines of art, to people of discerning taste,
  • the product should combine an innovative idea with good functionality,
  • the product should come with a designed packaging (box + bag) and comprehensive visual identification,
  • the product should be associated with the Opera House,
  • the product should have mobile functionality,
  • the product should be made of high quality materials and be exclusive.

Experts in architecture and design have been invited to the jury. By building the intellectual foundation of the competition they make it possible to take a wider look at issues constituting its subject matter and better use the potential of the project, supporting it with their knowledge and experience.
The honorary chairman of the jury is the Director of Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa – Waldemar Dąbrowski. The panel is composed of: Professor Jerzy Porębski, Jacek Frohlich, Boris Kudlička, Marcin Mostafa, Natalia Paszkowska, Tomek Rygalik.

Call for entries

Registration is free

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UPDATE: The deadline has been extended through December 12, 2012.

Alexander Walter
Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday, November 21, 2012
The deadline has been extended through December 12, 2012.

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