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OPPTA Competition Emergency Interventions
Register: Saturday, April 21, 2012
Submit: Sunday, May 05, 2013

The OPPTA Competition 2011-2012 is an international idea competition, launched simultaneously in 5 sites and under a common theme to propose solutions at a technical, territorial, infrastructural or architectural level. In this first edition, the chosen theme is Emergency Interventions, and the location for the convening is the American continent. It has suffered successive disasters, natural or anthropic, over the last two years and with solutions still pending.

The site locations chosen for this convening of proposals are:

  • Petropolis. State of Rio de Janeiro. Brazil
  • Puerto Saavedra. Araucanía Region. Chile
  • San Cristobel. Bolivar Department. Colombia
  • Chimalhuacán. State of Mexico. Mexico
  • Lima District. Lima. Peru

Under the common theme Emergency Interventions, each site will propose a strategy to be debated. The winning teams will be invited to participate in the conference Active Debates where they will publicly present their proposal. They will attend the Project Conference Table where there will be agents related to the possible development, management and financing of the selected proposals.

Who can participate

Multidisciplinary teams of professionals linked to architecture, landscape, urban design, urban planning, engineering, art, economy, geography, ecology and all the fields of knowledge related to the development of strategies and proposals regarding Emergency Interventions.


Registration period from 19 December 2011 to 20 April 2012 at 20:00 hours (Central European Time (CET) = UTC/GMT + 1:00)

Proposal submission deadline: 4 May 2012 at 20:00 hours (Central European Time (CET) = UTC/GMT + 1:00)

Jury assessment: May 2012

Jury Confirmed

Giancarlo Mazzanti (Colombia)
Derek Dellekamp (Mexico)
Kazuo Iwamura (Japan)
Raquel Barrionuevo (Peru)
Juan Freire (Spain)
Roberto Segre (Brazil)


A maximum of 3 proposals will be selected per site and for each one of the 5 sites. The jury reserves the right to limit the number of prizes if it is deemed that the number of quality proposals is not enough, depending on their evaluation criteria. The three winning teams will receive an equal prize of 2.500€ each.

Registration Fees

There are three different registry fees:

Non-affiliated with the Pan-American Observatory

-Registry in 1 site location: 100 Euros.
-Registry in 2 or more site locations: 50 Euros (per new site).

Affiliated with the Pan-American Observatory

- Registry in 1 site location until 20 February 2012: 70 Euros.
- Registry in 1 site location from 21 February until 02 April 2012: 85 Euros.
- Registry in 2 or more site locations: 40 Euros (per new site).
- Other languages apart from Spanish.

The texts will be written in any of these three official languages, Portuguese, English or Spanish.

The full contents of the Competition's administrative and technical Rules and Regulations, as well as each site location's Rules and Regulations can be viewed at concurso.oppta.org

UPDATE: Please note the updated competition deadlines.

Alexander Walter
Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Please note the extended deadlines. Registration is now due April 20 and submission May 4.

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