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Register/Submit: Tuesday, October 02, 2012

POST+CAPITALIST City #2 WORK from joanneatcollage on Vimeo.


CollageLab launches its 2nd competition on the cycle POST+CAPITALIST City! After 1#SHOP, it's time to 2#WORK!

Collage Competitions is a cycle of competitions for prospective thinking in terms of urban planning, architecture, political, social and economical spaces in a global scale.
Students, architects, urban planners, designers, artists and all active thinkers are invited to submit their ideas and share their visions to the world.

In times in which machines are more profitable than men, urban centers adapt their structures towards information and services. But can those new growing sectors satisfy the global demand? How cities will organize themselves through this shift whereas flexibility and competition in work reach a new level?

The psychological dogmas that formed the industrial society many decades ago, such as loyalty and lifelong commitment to an enterprise, were replaced with the fear of losing work, the guilt of not having work, or the question of how far would you go – geographically and ethically – for a job? Does our urban future lie in each becoming self-entrepreneurs, or to all share collective knowledge in forms of Open Source projects? Can we find new ways of producing and working?How will the global enterprise be able to produce sustainable levels of work through motivated workers, when nowadays humans are seen as resources and not workforces? How will the work of the future be measured, when the production of perceived, speculated value has no theoretical limits? Can work finally be released through technology? And finally: What are the possibilities for our cities? Apart from “job-sharing” and co-working spaces, what could be transformed spatially to change towards a sustainable working culture?

For more information, visit www.collagelab.org

Launching date: 1st of July 2012
Questions Deadline: 1st of August 2012
Early Birds Registration Deadline: 1st of September 2012
Submission Deadline: 1st of October 2012, 23:59 pm, European time (CET)
Results announced: 1st of November 2012

Entry fee Early Birds (until 01.09.2012): 30 Euros / submission
Entry fee from 01.09.2012 to 01.10.2012: 50 Euros / submission
(No entry fees for participants from selected countries.

Details on http://www.collagelab.org/en/post-capitalist-city-work/

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