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Roooots – Setouchi Specialty Products Redesign Project 2013
Register/Submit: Friday, January 11, 2013


The Setouchi Triennale which will be held in Japan’s Setouchi region from March 2013 is an international arts festival designed to revitalize the region through contemporary art.
In conjunction with the Setouchi Triennale 2013 and with the shared objective to breathe life back into the local industries, the Roooots Setouchi Specialty Products Redesign Project 2013 calls for designs of packages and products of Seto specialty products which will be sold at galleries and souvenir stores in the region.

Contest overview:


  • Taku Satoh (Graphic Designer/ CEO Taku Satoh Design Office Inc.)
  • Masamichi Toyama (Founder and CEO of Smiles)
  • Fram Kitagawa (General Director, Setouchi International Arts Festival 2013)
  • Chiaki Hayashi (Co-Founder and CEO of loftwork Inc.)

Selection Criteria:

Designs will be selected based on:

  1. How well the allures of the Setouchi region and the product are portrayed and if the design is suitable to be a Setouchi-branded product
  2. If the concept/design appeals to the audience of Setouchi Triennale 2013
  3. If redesigned products are capable of being produced in sufficient numbers for sales in both  abroad  and Japan.
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