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Temporary Outdoor Gallery Space 3 Competition
Register: Saturday, March 06, 2010
Submit: Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Art Alliance Austin continues a successful partnership with AIA-Austin and Austin Foundation for Architecture to solicit ideas for the Temporary Outdoor Gallery Space 3 (TOGS 3) competition in 2010.

Objective - The third annual Temporary Outdoor Gallery Space Ideas Competition (TOGS 3) enhances the global dialogue between art and architecture while offering emerging professionals in the fields of architecture and design the opportunity to garner international attention.

Purpose - This Ideas Competition generates innovative proposals for a temporary outdoor structure that will function simultaneously as an exhibition space and as an architectural exhibition.

Mission - TOGS™ challenges the visual and conceptual boundaries of the outdoor gallery space, transforming the open-air art fair experience into one that showcases the synergy between art and architecture and brings both to the public realm.

Phase I:
The TOGS™ International Ideas Competition generates innovative proposals for a temporary outdoor structure that will function simultaneously as an exhibition space and as an architectural exhibition.

Phase II: Build the Winner
While Phase I asks that entrants push the limits of the TOGS™, based on a feasibility study, the winner will be given the opportunity to collaborate with a professional team to realize a working proposal. Local codes and restrictions will apply and the TOGS™ will need to meet any local laws where applicable. Budget restraints are not required for Phase I of the competition, but can be implemented if so desired.

Phase III: Exhibit
Upon completion of Phase II the winning structure’s prototype will be exhibited at various locations during Art Week Austin including Art City Austin. The TOGS™ 3 prototype and jury’s selection will be available for international exhibition.

Open to national and international professionals and students in the fields of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and urban design. Professionals must have completed their education from an accredited program within 10 years of the competition announcement (after December 29, 1999). Student applicants must be in their final year of an accredited program working towards a professional degree (in above mentioned fields). Student applicants in a four-year architecture program must be attending an institution with an accredited architecture graduate program. A two-person professional or student design team collaboration (of the above mentioned fields) is permitted. Each entrant or member of a team must be of legal age and able to lawfully enter the Competition. In a team option,at least one member of the team must meet the 10-year eligibility requirement. Limit of one entry per person or team.

General Requirements

  • Successful TOGS design submissions should push the limits of creativity for exhibiting art.
  • The official sizes for the TOGS are both 10’-0” x 10’-0” x 12’-0 or 10’-0” x 20’-0” x 12’-0. You may select one size for your primary design submission, but your design concept must be readily and easily transformable into both sizes.
  • The TOGS design should function like a gallery. Designers must keep in mind that the TOGS is intended to be portable, temporary and exposed to outdoor elements.
  • TOGS design proposals must, at a minimum, identify a temporary means of installation for the TOGS, and provide illustrations for how the TOGS reinvent the outdoor exhibition space, and how various art mediums can be displayed.
  • The design must address portability and transportation.
  • TOGS design submissions are to illustrate proper accessibility for the public.
  • While not a requirement, TOGS competition submissions are encouraged to incorporate sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.
  • For the purposes of this competition, the context of the site or any portion of the site is to be utilized. Ultimately, the TOGS can be installed in any location.
Jury will evaluate designs based on the following criteria:
  • Meets program requirements (e.g., portability, transportability, size requirements)
  • Innovation and creativity in design
  • Integration of the TOGS TM into the site
  • Flexibility in presenting various art mediums

Art Alliance Austin

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Monday, January 25, 2010
how can i participate?

Ernesto L. Martinez
Friday, February 05, 2010
To participate, visit and register at the follow: http://www.artallianceaustin.org/aia_togs_competition.html

Paul Petrunia
Los Angeles, CA
Friday, March 26, 2010
Deadline for registration has been extended to April 5.

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