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the tote 2013 international outbuilding design competition
Register/Submit: Saturday, March 23, 2013

...enter the tote 2013 international outbuilding design competition

must be all your own work or a team design with no images from unpermitted sources, great fun, as many entries as possible will be posted on the tote website.

Completion date for entries is the 22nd of March 2013, the second day of spring...

1st place gets 25% of the entry fees, 2nd place gets 15% of the entry fees and 3rd place gets 5% of the entry fees. Competition submission date is march 22nd 2013, email work in any format to toteprofessional@gmail.com with a separate paypal payment of £20.00 (twenty pounds sterling) emailed to toteprofessional@gmail.com, or use the payment button in the shop. Do not produce new work for this competition, (unless you really want to), it is about showing unseen or un-publicised recent work and assessing the craftship of intent or completion, and the way the enclosure or space interacts with the real world, however that can be shown in an image or drawing or photograph. Open to all types of entrants internationally, must be 100% your own work. Good luck...

see the tote sponsored entry options:

'tote sponsorship 1' is for individual or group student entries, with a maximum of 30 sponsored entries, (possibly more later on) or for individuals or groups unable to pay the full amount.

'tote sponsorship 2' is for people with financial restrictions for entry, e.g. demographic hardship, or individual students or groups, after tote sponsorship option 1 has sold out, this option expires after 200 sponsored entries.

best regards

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