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traffic design competition vol. 2 - design as reform
Register/Submit: Sunday, March 07, 2010

Calling all architects, collectives, designers, students, studios and enthusiasts of art and design :

The competition is now open for entries


  • The Mosque through Architecture
  • The Majlis through Interior Design
  • A Pattern through Graphic Design
  • A Public Installation through Experimental Design

Deadline for entries : March 6th, 2010


Tuesday, February 23, 2010
a design practice asks for ideas, collects them, chooses the most interesting which will be realized ( for a paying client I suppose) and also give credit to the original designer which will not get any fee but the glory of having done the conceptual design of something in Dubai.
it looks like they want tons of ideas for free.
do i get it right?
wouldnt be better competition > winner > contract > realization?

Wednesday, March 03, 2010
I agree with the comments above. The awards for this competition are dubious and this competition is essentially asking for free design with no real award.

Does anyone know anything about this group "traffic", are they credible?

This seems almost like pro-bono work in the guise of competition where the client makes a buck from your collective productivity.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Unfortunately it is only too common in the Middle East that they do business that way, pay as little as they can (and then even less) and get as much as it is possible even if it takes to produce such competitions. As I have worked there for sometime, I must say that not only there is NO ETHICS but also there is NO upholding of COPYRIGHT LAWS, a whole lot of people and companies are using other peoples work as their own, and no one says a thing, the most important is to make a sale, get a buck, sell the same project to 2 diffrent clients, and it goes something like this: a project is downloaded (render views) from somewhere (and the plans dont even correspond to it), the client will never know. I dont think that this will change in the near future, pity that.

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