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Who’s Next 2.0
Register: Wednesday, December 08, 2010
Submit: Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Challenge:
Freegreen.com is challenging you to help us define the design concept of Affordable Luxury. Gone are the days of free-flowing mortgages, and multi-million dollar McMansions. In this "new normal" home owners still desire livable, ascetically pleasing, and luxurious homes, but now need these same concepts implemented into smaller more affordable residential structures. This creates the perfect opportunity for the design community to take charge of this challenge and be the first to create new home designs, and design delivery methods that meet today's restraints and requirements.

Competitors will select one of two user profiles and design a single family home that fits their chosen profile. Competitors will be able to design for a lot of their creation, but will be asked to identify the Climate Region that their entry is designed for, which will help the public and our jury better determine performance benefits. Affordability and Constructability is a key in this contest so all entries should be targeted for an eventual construction cost of $220,000 to $410,000 (The Range of Regional Average New Home Costs, U.S. Census, New Residential Sales Data, 2009).

To Learn More see our video below and visit http://www.freegreen.com/whosnext/

It's Easy
All you have to deliver is nine images and image descriptions. No boards, no presentations, no complications. Just nine slides that will be uploaded in a Facebook style onto the competition website.

It's Affordable
Our entry fee is just $50. Our goal is to get, and promote as many entrants as possible so we created and entry fee that is manageable.

It's Useful
There is of course $7,000 in total cash prizes.

This is not a just a contest it is a marketing platform. In our last Who’s Next Contest our entrants designs were viewed over 1,000,000 times. The entrants received over 30,000 votes, and 15,000 user comments.

Yes you can really get work by entering Who’s Next. All of our Top 3 in the last Who’s Next Contest received real projects to work with clients on their design entries. We also received notes from over 20 other entrants telling us about work that came from their efforts.

As you will see on our Public Voting site, we promote the “for-sale” house plans of our past winners soon to be put up for-sale at Better House Plans.

It's Impactful
In 2009, Americans began construction on 445,000 single family homes. About 30% of these homes were built from stock house plans. In comparison only about 3%-5% were built using modular (or typically know as "pre-fab") systems. This means if we as designers want to impact the built world beyond the limitation of custom architecture, we must work together to increase the quality and performance of the house plan industry.

Are You Next?  http://www.freegreen.com/whosnext/ 

Saturday, July 17, 2010
Not good that you have to shell out $50 BEFORE you have the details and brief of the competition. I would have thought that since the competition organisers are architects / engineers that surely they would realise you need to know detail about the competition PRIOR to commitment. No point shelling out good money to find that the details don't add up and the competition is a waste of time - you've already lost your money!

I think the competition organisers need to rethink this policy - it's no way to sell. Apart from that, who end up with your brilliant design after the competition? Your building company??? Not good.

New York, NY
Saturday, October 16, 2010
The reason that architects only design 4% of single family residences is that they, like FreeGreen and all the Michelle Kaufmans et al, do not understand that a $220,000 to $410,000 home is not "affordable housing".

Architects Are Born Liars
Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Attorneys for the AIA have gone to court to defend the right of contest holders to hand out favors to their friends in this type of 'contest'.

What assurance does anyone have that this thing isn't a scam?

Daryl Rantis
Asheville NC
Monday, November 22, 2010
This is not a scam I know I won first place last year and I knew no one from the Freegreen group. Neither did the other winners or finalists. Freegreen lived up to all of their promises. They got me to look at my practice in very different terms. If you have not notices the profession is in serious straits right now and will probably not recover to what we once knew. so embracing this contest can help you in many ways. One word of warning: You must be prepared to sell yourself on line like you have never sold yourself before. This contest is not for the squeamish.

Saturday, December 18, 2010
simply remove the 50$ and you will get more plans and design. think about it.

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