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Belgorod City Centre
Register: Friday, May 10, 2013
Submit: Monday, June 03, 2013


The competition site is quite a large urban block (around 300 x 200 m), located in the very heart of Belgorod. The task is to replace the low rise buildings that now occupy the site with a more dense development. Though the construction of high towers is very popular in Russia with developers, the city would like to limit the maximum building height limited to 15-20 meters. At the same time it is obvious that a certain density is required to make the project viable. The task of the competitors is to find the optimum between density and quality and offer the city a recipe for redeveloping the city center as a whole, making it at an attractive place to live and work. The participants are asked to make a masterplan for the site.

Deliverables are:

  • Axonometric drawing 30/30 degrees 1:500
  • Plans, elevations, sections 1: 500
  • Detailed design of an important public space 1: 200
  • Street views and views from within the block.
  • A model scale 1: 1000 on a 10 mm base of 24 x 36 cm

The total prize fund is 50.000 USD

The competition website is www.belgorodkonkurs.com

Here you will find maps, photo's, updates and answers to questions.

It is necessary for competitors to register and pay a registration fee of 50 Euro. You can register at the site of the Belgorod Municipality www.beladm.ru/konkzastr/send/en/

The competition is curated by Bart Goldhoorn, publisher of PROJECT RUSSIA magazine

The City of Belgorod is located in the southwest of Russia near the border with the Ukraine. With 350.000 inhabitants it is not very large. However, it's population is growing, partly because with 70.000 thousand students it is a main university town that attracts students from all over the country. In the last 15 year the urban development strategy was directed at suburbanisation. Though this policy has been quite successful, now the city is looking at the centre to see if there are development opportunities here. The site of this competition offers such an opportunity.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Does somebody knows what happens with the answer to the questions to be announced the 20 April

Thursday, May 09, 2013
why would anyone want to answer you if they going to participate the competition?

capellini architects
Friday, May 24, 2013
keep attention please! this may be a fake competition, cause organizers send you an invoice with an IBAN code that don't work (not enough numbers to let you make operations) so you can't pay fee and can't sign to compete. They also promise to send a Paypal account to pay it, and after two weeks nobody sent anything. Is this thing real???

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