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Brutalist Facelift, Homemade Dessert + Liepaja City Council
Register: Friday, November 29, 2013
Submit: Monday, December 16, 2013

Welcome to Homemade Dessert's most recent architecture vision competition "Brutalist Facelift", strictly connected to the ongoing architecture vision competition: "Ghost Town Challenge".

This time, instead of asking for the introduction of a new element within Karosta's urban scape we would like you to think on a particular way to restore the lost vitality of the “brutalist” apartment buildings, by acting directly upon them.

Their powerful urban presence is evident, although their bad physical conditions are requiring an urgent answer. One could reinvent them or highlight them in a subtle way. This is your choice. We would like you to figure out a clever method to change their image and to redefine their future, by means of inexpensive materials, color introduction or simple but effective conceptual approaches.

What could really uplift this place and these buildings? What can be made to turn this place around? Are you subtle or radical? Give us your insight!


1ST PRIZE - US$ 2500

2ND PRIZE - US$ 1000

3RD PRIZE - US$ 500

+ 6 honourable mentions

The winners and honourable mentions will get international art and design media coverage and on the Homemade Dessert website.


Indulis Kalns - Liepaja city head architect
Carlos M Guimarães – architect, depA, correspondent of A10 magazine, Portugal

Rest of the jury to be confirmed.


Early entry registration: JULY8 - SEP18 , 2013

Late entry registration: SEP19 - NOV28, 2013

Closing date for registration: NOV 28, 2013

Closing date for submission: DEC 15, 2013

Evaluation: DEC15 - DEC24, 2013

Announcement of the winners: DEC 24, 2013



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