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Call for Papers (Spring 2013)* International Journal of Interior Architecture + Spatial Design
Register/Submit: Wednesday, January 16, 2013

ii is currently soliciting papers for its inaugural Fall 2012 issue, Autonomous Identities, as well as its Spring 2013 issue, Corporeal Complexities.

submission requirements here.  All submissions should be emailed to: iieditors@gmail.com

corporeal complexities

spring 2013 issue II _ call for submissions

The field of spatial design presumes that a designer operates at the scale of the human body.  Whether resulting in the design of furniture, fashion, a residence, event, or urban park, this emergent field of practice privileges the performance of the body and its relationship to space. Spatial design is impacted by scale in relation to the performance of a body, but liberated from the boundaries of traditional disciplines.

Corporeal Complexities, ii journal’s second issue, requests articles and projects that explore the contingent relationships between body and space.  The journal seeks work that examines the relationship of the human form in the design process, as a generator, as an observer, and as an active performer as it relates to interiors, spatial design, and light-mobile-architectures.  Corporeal Complexities will gather exemplary projects that engage design complexities of the human body. This issue will explore new materials and technologies associated with contemporary design practicesThe issue will feature work that proposes unique ideas of space, materiality, and tectonics relative to human scale. This includes but is not limited to work in fashion, furniture, industrial design, architecture, performance, film, event design, the social sciences, and the arts.


15 August 2012 _ worldwide call announced
15 January 2013 _ paper submission deadline
15 February 2013 _ paper selections announced
30 March 2013 _ final edits due
01 May 2013 _ typeset confirmed
15 May 2013 _  journal printed


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