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Calp (Spain) announces a public tendering to conceive new ideas for the Old Town
Register: Wednesday, May 01, 2013
Submit: Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Town Council of Calp, in Alicante, announces an international tendering for new ideas to conceive and revitalize the historical centre of the town in order to promote the restoration of the space, to improve mobility and accessibility and to improve energy efficiency. In short, as explains César Sánchez, mayor of the town ‘we are talking about turning Calp into a better town; a fair, creative, ecological, human, plural and close place. A sustainable town’. The election of the winning project, awarded with 50,000 euros, will take place by a process with the participation of citizens at 16 or more. Previously, a professional jury would choose the best ten proposals.

The closing date for entries and collection of materials is the 30th of April, and projects should be presented before the 15th of September. [All the information in ciutatsostenible.calpe.es - UPDATED]. The contest is international and open to all the professionals working in territorial development as a multidisciplinary concept. Projects should include a financial report and a report of process of execution with a total amount not exceeding the 800.000 euros.

As Mr. Sánchez explains in the current context ideas became a ‘vital tool’, especially in the local sphere. ‘This international contest wants to award the ideas intending to create changes in order to guarantee a new future for the Old Town of our city and all in all, for all the people in Calp. Ideas generating employment, not only for the promoters of the winning project or the local companies executing the action, but also revitalizing the original centre of our town and as a result, turning the historical centre in an epicentre of activity, a meeting and culture point. A sustainable town is a place to find opportunities’, states the mayor.

The presented projects should face up the economical, social and environmental challenges presently in the Old Town ‘keeping its own essence, identity and idiosyncrasy as a part of the town’, states Mr. Sánchez. Among other aspects, creative solutions in order to attract new residents in this area and to promote the enterprising activity will be considered an advantage. Activity came to a halt despite the go-ahead program created by the municipal team, which included a 95% discount for business licenses. This process should also include actions concerning the cultural sphere to reevaluate the Historical Centre as a place of neighbourhood cohabitation and an attraction to people visiting the town.

However, to deal with these questions it is also necessary to act over the impact that the passage of time had without an integral action in the area: It is necessary to reconsider an urban renew with interventions regarding the streets’ design, pedestrian areas, facades, lighting… It is also necessary to conceive a new structure of mobility with an emphasis on pedestrian areas and the removal of architectural barriers; taking measures of energy efficiency.

From the beach to the Old Town
Connectivity will be another key element for the jury: the jury will favour the projects with a higher permeability between the historical centre and the periphery around town beaches, in such a way that people living or visiting the outlying areas discover and use the installations of the old town.

Lastly, this initiative focuses on social participation from its origins. Apart from the popular consultation that will decide the winning project, the rules of the contest specify that the promotion of the collaboration among citizens concerning gardening and use of public spaces will be considered to be positive.

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Sunday, March 31, 2013
i cant go to the link of competition.what should i do??

Thursday, April 11, 2013

S P Biswas
New Delhi
Thursday, April 11, 2013
Access to the site is not possible. Suggest what is to be done

Alexander Walter
Los Angeles, CA
Thursday, April 11, 2013
Thanks for the new link, Martha. We have updated the URL inside the listing.

Leeds UK
Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Hi, Did anyone found the swift bic code of the bank? Because i cant make the international bank transfer to register, thanks in advance

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