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Curtains: Photography Competition
Register/Submit: Friday, July 05, 2013

Competition Description: CURTAINS is a multisite installation, exhibition, and publication event organized by the Center for American Architecture and Design at The University of Texas at Austin.
It is designed to explore the use of fabrics in art and architecture, not in the form of rigid tensile structures, but in their more relaxed, natural form: curtains associated with windows (“drapery”), but also defining and activating spaces indoors and out, billowing overhead as canopies, catching and using wind like sails, creating shade, diffusing light, holding color in their folds, filtering views, absorbing sound, showing the wind, and making theater of the everyday.

This is a call for photographs from professional and enthusiast photographers on this theme: curtains and other fabric surfaces, new or old, inside a building or outside, cheerful or somber, with people or without, intended as art or unselfconscious.

Up to fifty selected photographs will be printed and exhibited during for the week of October 14–18, 2013, at the Mebane Gallery in Goldsmith Hall at the University of Texas at Austin, as well as published in the award-winning book series: CENTER: Architecture and Design in America. Three prizes will be awarded as tokens of recognition: $250, $150, and $100, for first, second, and third place respectively.

Photographs of any kind may be submitted, including color or monochromatic images, as well as digital, silver, or non-silver processes. Images should be submitted in a digital format with a minimum size of 11” x 14” @ 300 dpi. Preference will be given to minimally post-processed images.

Entry details: Images and artist’s statement should be sent to caad@austin.utexas.edu with “Curtains Photo Contest [your name]” as the subject and with a link to a Dropbox (or similar file-sharing service) file. File format should be TIFF or high-quality JPEG. The fee for entry is $15.00 for up to three images. Deadline is July 5.

In submitting a photograph to the Competition, the photographer vouches that the image is their original work and grants permission to the Center for American Architecture and Design to print and publish it, with proper attribution, as well as use it for promotional purposes directly related to the publication and event.

Competition website: http://www.soa.utexas.edu/caad/curtains/photo-competition.html

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