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Graduate Architecture Award 2012
Register/Submit: Saturday, September 01, 2012

This is an International Competition (Free to enter) and is open to all architecture students Worldwide. We are accepting graduate architecture projects from students who have recently graduated or are currently graduating in the field of architecture (see Graduate Architecture's FAQs for further eligibility information) www.GraduateArchitecture.com. The deadline for submission is August 31st 2012 at 6pm (GMT+1). All projects submitted after this time will not be considered for the Graduate Architecture Prize of 2012, you will however be eligible for next year's competition in August.

Please follow the following guidelines in order to participate:
Submit in English Language: Please submit your final project in English in order for us to fully understand what you wish to portray. In the last edition, several projects were submitted in a different language and although we did our best to translate them ourselves, it was still very difficult for us to grasp the essence of those projects. We encourage you to provide text in your own language as well, to reach a larger audience. If you do submit a project written in your native language, please include a clear and concise summary in English.

Max. 10 Presentation Boards: Please do not exceed 10 presentation boards (scaled size approximately A4 in size, for an average computer monitor), either in portrait or landscape view to be submitted to Register@GraduateArchitecture.com. The total size may not exceed 10mb and should be sent as a single .PDF file.

Project Description included in presentation boards: A clear and and to the point description of your final project is necessary for us as well as other readers to understand your thoughts. All text should be included in your 10 presentation panels.

5-digit code: In addition you can make up your own 5 digit reference code (composed of either letters and/or numbers for organizational reasons). It can be any combination of letters and/or numbers (please keep in mind it is only for a reference so make up a code you can remember). This code does not need to be on your presentation panels but do name the .PDF with your code (example: John_Doe_ABC01.pdf).

Contact Information: Submit your personal or group contact information in the following format: 01. Project title 02. Names of all participants & e-mail addresses. 03. The university at which you attained your architectural degree 04. The names and contact information of the tutors at your University. Send us this information both in the text body of the email and in a separate .PDF file. Please disclose that you wish opt-out of having your information published, should this be the case. If you would like to have your contact info published, please include this information on the last page of your presentation boards.

Two (2) Project Thumbnails: Please also include an image that you would like to represent your project, this will most probably be your best rendering or most illustrative picture. (Dimensions height: 270 x width: 350 pixels for the first thumbnail and height: 390 x width: 780 pixels for the second). Click here to download the thumbnail template/ description (served as a guideline, its design is fully up to you as long as you include all necessary information and limit the dimensions of 270 x 350 & 390 x 780 pixels).

Send your digital presentation boards and project thumbnail to Register@GraduateArchitecture.com. As the email's subject, only only include your name and university at which you have done your final project. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions you might have, but please read our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) first.

The jury will consist of Architects, Urbanists, Designers, Students and some of the previous winners of the Graduate Architecture Award. Winners will be based on all-round creativity, design concept, problem solving, sustainability and more (there is not one, but many aspect projects will be reviewed on).

For more information visit our website: www.GraduateArchitecture.com.

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