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Guerrilla Green Sustainable Showdown
Register/Submit: Friday, February 01, 2013

Architecture for Humanity is hosting a national competition for all U.S. students (ages 13-19) to improve their schools. We are directly encourageing frustrated young people tired of waiting for the sustainable transformation in the built environment. This implementation initiative is for middle and high school students across the U.S. to update their school buildings, outdoor spaces, or activities with innovative solutions.

We are not just highlighting and honoring ideas, we're investing in them with over $30,000. This money goes directly to the students, empowering them with direct action, not only to imagine but to implement. Participants willing to take this challenge head on will propose solutions at first, and then carry them out.

Register today and start improving your school. Using a 'bracket style' competition, the top eight teams will compete to win their region before battling for the grand prize of ten grand.

Cameron Sinclair, 'Chief Eternal Optimist' of Architecture for Humanity and former TED Prize winner, argues that “the only difference between a good idea and a great one is implementation. I came up with Architecture for Humanity when I was a kid, and it took over a decade before I found the support to launch it. We can't wait while the innovative ideas sit on the shelf, so we are helping to fund the Guerrilla Green Sustainable Showdown and in turn invest in what matters, the environmental leaders of tomorrow”.

Register and submit a project by Feb. 1 for a chance to advance further.

Check out our website for more details and resources - bit.ly/hackitgreen

Teachers - We have put together a lesson plan for you to help guide your students along the way. Please visit our Resources page to access this document.

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