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MAS Context - Call for Submissions #19: TRACE
Register/Submit: Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The fall issue of MAS Context will focus on the topic of TRACE.  

We will be exploring physical remnants and selective memories, tangible and intangible reminders of a past that influence our present and future. At the same time, we will be discussing the traces that we continue to leave, both physical and digitally, and how those will affect us in the future. 

What are the consequences and opportunities that can emerge from the new traces we create? Who benefits from the generation of new traces? Which traces should we embrace and which ones should we dismiss or even fight against? Is ignoring all traces the only way to truly move forward and foster radical changes? 

For this issue we are soliciting submissions that explore, question, and critically address the role of traces in our built environment. Submissions can be in the form of critical essays, photo essays, analytical studies, data visualizations, visual explorations, interviews or films. 

For more information about the submission process, visit our submission guidelines

Please, send your submission to submission@mascontext.com by Monday, June 17.  

19 | TRACE FALL 13 will be published in early September, 2013.

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