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New Business Complex BeriČevo, Dol Pri Ljubljani, Slovenia
Register/Submit: Saturday, October 16, 2010

Public, project, open, anonymous, one-step, architectural competition for the selection of the most professionally suitable solutions for the NEW BUSINESS COMPLEX BERIČEVO, DOL PRI LJUBLJANI, SLOVENIA.

Information on the prize fund and reimbursements:

  1. prize EUR 16,400.00
  2. prize EUR 10,500.00
  3. prize EUR 6,300.00

three awards of EUR 3,000.00
reimbursements EUR 1,000.00

All amounts given are gross amounts.

Competitors submitting entries in accordance with competition conditions and the competition task that have, according to the evaluation committee's opinion, fulfilled the demanded level of performance but are not granted a prize or award, will receive reimbursement. If less than 20 competition entries are submitted for evaluation, reimbursements will be granted in the amount of EUR 1000.00 and will be reduced accordingly in the case more entries are submitted.

Competition material:
Material is free of charge.Material is available for download upon written request, to the e-mail address natecaji@zaps.si at http://www.zaps.si/index.php?m_id=natecaji_aktualni.

The subject of the call for competition:
The subject of the call competition is the architectural solution for the new construction NEW BUSINESS COMPLEX BERIČEVO, DOL PRI LJUBLJANI, SLOVENIA.

The aim of the construction of the new ELES complex is to support operational activities of the national transmission system operator by providing contemporary architecture that reflects the mission of the company, its environmental awareness and social responsibility, and will serve present and future generations.

The location for the new business complex in Beričevo is foreseen as the existing ELES buildings intended for demolition. The new commercial building complex for the implementation of operational activities shall comprise a total of almost 12,000 m2. It is composed of two programme packages that comprise different, not necessarily functionally interrelated activities:

  • System Operation Division and Market Monitoring Division (SOD + MMD) 3,214 m2 + 379 m2
  • Ljubljana Maintenance Centre (MC LJ) 6.156 m2

Common use areas are also foreseen 2.058 m2
Additional business premises are foreseen for stage B 5.009 m2

The central part of the complex is occupied by the SOD + MMD unit, where the majority of premises will be allocated to the System Operation Division. The main emphasis within the SOD + MMD package is the management centre. The second programme package consists of MC LJ, where most of the space is occupied by workshops, warehouses and garages of the Ljubljana Maintenance Centre.

A site visit will be organized on 2 September 2010 at 10.00 am.

Submission of competition proposals: 15 October 2010

Competition material: There is no registration deadline. Material is free of charge. Material is available for download upon written request, to the e-mail address natecaji@zaps.si at http://www.zaps.si/index.php?m_id=natecaji_aktualni.

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