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OPEN CALL: Summer Studio 2013 - The Hunter and Artists Cabin
Register/Submit: Saturday, April 06, 2013


OPEN CALL: Summer Studio 2013 - The Hunter and Artists Cabin 
Design - Digital Fabrication + Milling - Farming - Hands On Construction - Landscape

Applications due Friday April 5th
Apply Today at +FARM website: www.plusfarm.org

Earn IDP + Elective Credits 
Summer Studio Schedule: August 3 - 11, 2013

The project for this year's week long intensive workshop is to design, fabricate, and build a cabin for a Hunter + Artist. During the week participants are introduced to site specific design processes, and will be instructed in all phases of building through hands-on construction. We will design directly on the farm, fabricate components at Rigidized Metals Digital Milling Shop, and construct the cabin with master craftsmen.    

Working directly with experts we will engage architecture directly, living, working, and building at the farm. This year, the studio will explore the relationship between the farm and architectural technology through the construction of a cabin for a Hunter + Artist. Training will be provided to all participants for the digital and analog tools.  

Seven applicants selected from the open call will work closely with experts in environmental design, digital fabrication, building, and practicing professionals on site, developing practical, technological, and ecological skills. We thank the Five Sisters Farm in Perrysburg, NY for their hospitality during the workshop.


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