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[Traffic, transit, migration, nomadism]

«When traffic delays and confusion seem hopeless, remember that men of vision are working on the problem. Actually traffic engineers are planning city streets and country highways free from stop and go…
1. Sidewalks will be elevated – you’ll walk and shop ABOVE Main Street, actually cross OVER it.
2. Local traffic will use the FULL width of the streets below – no sidewalks, no parked cars. Loading and unloading will be done INSIDE the buildings.
3. High-speed, long-distance traffic will have its own elevated, one-way lanes, no stop lights or intersections.»
«Pedestrians -
Express Traffic -
Local Traffic -
- each will be given a clear path by 1960»
- predicts NORMAN BEL GEDDES, authority on future trends.
~ «This is the City of TOMORROW» Advertisement brochure for SHELL, before 1960.

(...) Could we imagine an alternative society in which the free movement of people takes part of their human rights? If people could follow the path of the internet and the migration of information, what would happen to our society? Would our ability to move depend on money and how would it influence tourism? How can we deal with the freedom of movement and borders? How could we overcome the dilemmas of urban mobility? Would there be a changing urban aesthetic relating to urban space and technologies of transport and communication? What could be the future of the pedestrian? And how could our movements shape the urban landscapes and our daily lives in the cities? (...)

… more info on: www.collagelab.org 

Launching date: 15th of January 2013
Questions Deadline: 15th of February 2013
Early Birds Registration Deadline: 1st of March 2013
Submission Dead Line: 15th of April 2013, 23:59 pm, European time (CET)
Results announced: 15th of May 2013 

Early Bird fee (until 01.03.2013): 30 € / submission
Fee (after 01.03.2013): 50 € / submission

Your GREAT Grandpa's Place
Saturday, February 16, 2013
Why call it Post Capitalist? Your photo shows infrastructure built by the Capitalist system. So what is so wrong with that system? GREAT Grandpa is trying to encourage our city of Cincinnati Ohio to replace one of our five former inclines yet we now wonder if it would be possible with today's technology. In GREAT Grandpa's Capitalist time we were not so timid.

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