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REVOLVE is partnering with local leaders and property owners to bring new businesses and artists to Detroit’s historic “Avenue of Fashion” on Livernois Avenue. REVOLVE is soliciting proposals from artists, pop-up and permanent businesses to transform vacant spaces and public places.  The goal of this initiative is to return the Avenue of Fashion to a premiere shopping and cultural destination. REVOLVE was recently awarded a $200,000 grant from Artplace America and $50,000 from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to support these efforts on Livernois.

Detroit's Avenue of Fashion was once the top destination for luxury shopping, with a musical legacy shaped by American jazz. America’s oldest operating jazz club, Baker's Lounge, has helped grow the careers of legends like Ella Fitzgerald, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong and countless others, and has anchored the area since 1933. Over the years, the energy of this once vivacious district has lulled, but today, this arts and cultural district is on the verge of a renaissance. The collection of eclectic shops and storefronts that dot Livernois Avenue await the next generation of makers and doers to breathe new life into the neighborhood. Our goal is to grow the story of this vibrant community by activating these spaces with engaging public art, memorable environments, and rich participatory programming.

Beginning in July/August, we will transform eight vacant storefronts and two public spaces with pop-up and permanent retail shops and restaurants, as well as temporary and permanent art installations created by local and national artists. We are committed to presenting the most bold, forward-thinking, ambitious creative projects that value collaboration and foster a climate of possibility.

More information is available in the Call for Entries pdf download online:

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