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Register/Submit: Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Website: http://www.archive100.org/users/m45/project/967

The public mostly perceives architecture as only a visually aesthetic and functional practice, yet the buildings they most revere in the world exist in a set of social, political, and historical contexts that affect the public's perception of what they are. Architects have also cultivated this professional persona because we tend to reinforce aspects of architecture that elevate it, make it exclusive, and objectify it. As well, unlike other commercial enterprises, we often project what we think is important rather than look for or respond to an audience or market.

How do members of the discipline of architecture want the public to understand what we do? Is architecture 'art that has talent,' does it need to answer questions intelligently, should it titillate, does it need to make an impact to be good, how much does personality matter?

This competition is interested in both projects that help the public appreciate the profession and the ways in which a designer communicates. While architectural education is interested in process, pageants are about products-- parade your project, pose your best side and make your case in a way that that anyone can understand it. Your project may use things like algorithms to generate patterns or geometry, parametric modeling, manufacturing techniques to explore effects, spatial logics to create an urban interface, or program that promotes entrepreneurialism, but remember that nerd talk might not get you a date with a client.

To submit, upload your project at ARCHIVE100.org and then simply add "Beauty Contestant" as one of the Categories. (You may submit a project already uploaded by just adding this Category listing.) Any project completed in affiliation with a school of architecture from the US and Canada is eligible. There is no entry fee. Entries must be posted by November 15, midnight EST. The more you upload, the better chance you have of winning one of five $100 prizes along with a copy of Joan Ockman's forthcoming ACSA100 book on architectural education, as well as being part of a special feature in the ARCHIVE exhibition opening in 2012.


Mark Foster Gage
Associate Professor and Acting Assistant Dean, Yale University School of Architecture
Partner, Gage / Clemenceau Architects

Emmanuelle Bourlier
Co-founder & CEO, Panelite

Richard Rose
Partner & Creative Director, PopKitchen Co.
Adjunct Faculty, RISD Graphic Design Department

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