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The future of architecture
Register/Submit: Sunday, September 01, 2013

After a very successful first edition of the participatory book ‘What is the future of architecture?’ we are very happy to announce our decision to do it again and present - ‘The future of architecture II’!

The future of architecture is a participatory book project, self-initiated by Crap is Good. The book consists of and depends on participation and collaboration. It is entirely independent from funds, sponsoring or organisational support and therefore relies completely on its concept and your support.

With the same motivation as last year, we are in search of all possible takes on the question ‘What is the future of architecture?’

Going through the answers we’ve gotten last year, we can say there are some recurring assumptions, a red line weaving its way through the book. The book, consisting of 52 very different takes on the same question - ‘What is the future of architecture?’ - takes us from fiction stories to a philosophical email discussion, through series of images and photography, to science-fiction and poetry. While leafing through, often a blurry image would come to mind, an imaginative glimpse of the future.

In this years edition we are very happy to include the answers of Ethel Baraona, Santiago Cirugeda, ETC, and many more to be announced.

Have a look on our website for more information and send in your answer before the 1st of september, 2013.


Steve Doyle
Queensland, Australia
Tuesday, June 04, 2013
‘What is the future of architecture?’
Simply it will be sustainable design in all aspects. From materials used in construction, impact on the environment, resistance to wear, protection from elements and evolving to our way of life so we can sustain a healthy existance both physically and mentally as our future unholds.

Nature within design. Ever changing to adapt to new experiecnce and inlightenment.

Colombia, South America
Friday, June 28, 2013
‘What is the future of architecture?
A comprehensive Eco- Holistic approach in architectural practice will transform design elements and principles at the design methodology to succeed any type of projects worldwide.

Salvador Pires
Dili Timor-Leste
Saturday, June 29, 2013
‘What is the future of architecture?

A hollistic medition between the environment and people with their social, cultural, economic and political challenges, demands and thoughts worldwide.

A balance and mediation between rational and intuitive processes; pragmatic and symbolic functions; past, present technologies and future technology; national identity and universal culture; foreground and the background; space, form and order; national civilasation and global civilasation; and climate change and global energy crisis. I call my approach the "Neo-Postmodernism".

Brandon Anderson
Tuesday, July 09, 2013
Design which instructs the observer that experiences the built environment. Math, anatomy, genetics, & varying areas of theoretical physics, must be displayed and interwoven throughout the entirety of the urban landscape. Sculpting air molecules with vibration to educate the youth,who are the future, through musical patterning and spatial correlations between auditory and visual sensory modalities must be instilled as part of everyday life. Social evolutionary revision will become mandatory. Future architecture as subliminal cognition enhancement via harmoniously moderated interaction with the plant kingdom and digital historic library interface.

Ian K Whittaker ARB. R.I.B.A
Friday, July 26, 2013
Architecture was the art of building, the making of timepieces, and the construction of machinery.
Architecture is the functional art of building.
Architecture is sensory input, rationalization, sensory output in a closed system of chaos.
Architecture is seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting, creation of synaptic links by electrochemical action, communicated by speech and touch to other human beings in the universe.
Architecture is creation.
Architecture is the functional art through which something can be described after it has been sensed.
This is what Architecture is.
Architecture will need to be the functional art of energy use, the art of natural resource use and the art of the use of the environment.

Pierre Skyscrapper
Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Authorship is dead, all the good ideas have been done


Saturday, August 03, 2013
“Everything that can be invented has been”: famous last words...

The future of architecture is not becoming a specialised sustainable energy consultant.

The future of architecture is not a homogenous pedagogy of eco-holism.

The future of architecture is not a list of juxtapositions. The list itself is 'neo-postmodernism' - ill defined academic nonce.

The future of architecture is not to educate children and go on and on about nothing in an attempt to baffle and therefore sound intelligent.

Architecture is not life, or living, or subjectivity.

Architecture is not literature or poetry or art or science or genetics or psychology or ego!


and in case you're wondering: the future is the future...

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