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The Open International Idea Competition: Clear City Ideas for Kyiv
Register: Thursday, March 07, 2013
Submit: Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Open International Idea Competition

05.02.2013 – 20.04.2013

organizer: international architecture festival CANactions
support: the National Union of Architects of Ukraine
category: idea competition
type: open International, one-stage, anonymous
registration fee: free
eligibility: architect, urbanist, specialist who work of the city and urban. Multi-disciplinary design teams are encouraged.

THEME Clear city ideas for Kyiv

Our society is unsound:
Crucial human values were substituted with consumer instincts having their roots in fear.
Fear underlies cynicism which turned into a norm of social relations.

Under such conditions there is no demand for humane social concepts, including the city ones.
Documents regulating city development are originally lacking ideas. Their absence is concealed with pseudo-scientific highbrow texts, definitions and sophisticated diagrams declaring about enigmatic exclusivity of ‘professionals’, and many things have the status of being secret. Unlike a general plan of London which is accessible and understandable to any housewife.

For the last decades, density of the world population has grown considerably, thus making it more integrated. It is much easier now to borrow the best ideas and to develop at the same time our own decent and unique things.

We lack simple ideas!


  • to generate simple ideas of the City
  • to distribute such ideas
  • to get a little closer to healthier society with such ideas

Sustainability, careful attitude to the Nature, do no harm


  • architect, urbanist, specialist who work of the city and urban. Multi-disciplinary design teams are encouraged.
  • specialist from Ukraine and all over the World
  • no age restrictions


  • staying within the limits of architectural activity (this will enable us to sort out this issue),
  • to generate the simplest and thus the most important ideas for city development using Kyiv as example (exactly Kyiv)
  • display the project information on the city as an organism


  • let your ideas and offers concern Kyiv in general and not its individual parts
  • topicality ideas
  • applicability ideas
  • brevity: the one with clear thoughts speaks clear too

Carefully follow the new on website CANactions www.canactions.com and on your e-mail
address listed in the Registration Form.

More information here:  www.canactions.com in page Idea Competition
http://purpose.com.ua/canactions/ - Registration Form


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Zorz Grekovic
Novi Sad
Tuesday, March 05, 2013
funny amount for the first prize
what were they thinking?

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