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The Outpost x Normandy: What if you built Beirut?
Register/Submit: Sunday, November 25, 2012

This time around, post-war debris will not be a prerequisite to rethinking and reconstructing Beirut. The city is wedged between commercial and social viabilities. It is quickly becoming an international commodity; its natives are rendered an optional flavoring to the concept of an aesthetic metropolis.

The Normandy landfill is an extension to Beirut. It is the city’s new waterfront built with processed remains of Lebanon’s civil war by Solidere, a major real estate development company handling the reconstruction of Beirut’s city center.

Solidere’s vision of a brighter future is a branded park of subjectively screened monuments designed by international architects.

Ours is not. This is an open call to rethink and design Normandy.

Form multi-disciplinary teams of 3* and apply at Normandy@the-outpost.com before November 25th

*At least one of the team members should be a Lebanese national.

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