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Fund ZOLOTAYA KAPITEL organizing committee (Russia) invites students and alumni of the architect and design faculties to take part in The Second International Youth Competition USEFUL MUTATION.
The concept of the competition.
USEFUL MUTATION is a competition of the IDEAS.
A mutation is a spontaneous changing, which happens because of mutagenic factors such as: technologic, ecological, social, aesthetic, economical etc.
The mutative process in design is the source of the new ideas. As a result of mutations useful characteristics can appear. Under the action of the consumer’ natural selection these useful characteristics give start to a new species and subspecies of objects.
The mutation can be useful, harmful and/or neutral. Useful mutation will improve consumer properties. Harmful mutation will worsening consumer properties. Neutral mutations do not influence functionality, but influence form, according to the fashion (styling). We are interested in USEFUL MUTATION.
The part of the object or the whole object can mutate. The partial mutation brings change to some characteristics or functions. The whole mutation involves the essence of the object, and changes the object radically. We are interested in THE PARTIAL or THE WHOLE MUTATION BUT USEFUL
The sketches are accepted in all techniques (raster, vector).
The sketches are obligated to the declared concept of THE USEFUL MUTATION in the following nominations:
• Architectural concept
• The concept of the elements for urban design
• Concept-interior
• Concept-object.
One author can presents several projects, but no more than 3 in every nomination. Participation in competition is free of charge.
All projects will be shown on site www.zkapitel.ru.
The jury judges on the electronic exposition and choose the winners in 2 rounds.
In the first round the jury forms a short-list.
In the second round the jury chooses the winner in all nominations. The project which will get the highest points will get the Grand Prix
The projects from the short-list will be presented in the exhibition during the timeframe of the 5`Summer festival of the architecture and design ZOLOTAYA KAPITEL 2011 in Novosibirsk, from 27.06.to 02.07
Projects will be accepted until 01.06.2011 by e-mail usefulmutation@gmail.com
Live-data on www.zkapitel.ru

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