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V&A Exhibition Road Competition
Register/Submit: Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London seeks a design team to create a new building to house its exhibition galleries, with a new courtyard and entrance onto Exhibition Road.


The Victoria and Albert Museum wishes to create a major new gallery with the capacity to deliver its high-profile programme of temporary exhibitions, a new museum entrance and a courtyard to create an informal and inviting relationship with Exhibition Road.The gallery, providing approximately 1500m2 of relatively uninterrupted (column-free) exhibition space, will be formed below street level, on the only undeveloped site in the Museum. Above the gallery there will be a new external courtyard-style space, linking the V&A to Exhibition Road through Sir Aston Webb’s historic arched stone screen and creating a new entrance into the museum. The new courtyard will need to be flexible so that the space could be used for installations, performances, for events or a cafe.


V&A Exhibition Road Competition submissions must be received by 12.00hrs GMT on 27th October 2010.


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