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Classical Primer, Erik Evens, Instructor for ICAA
Where:  Los Angeles, CA - KAA Design Group, 4201 Redwood Avenue (map it)
When:   Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This three-hour lecture course is a primer on the language and rationale of classical architecture. As an introduction to the classical orders, this course is an overview of the elements of classical architecture for beginners and interested laypersons. It offers an excellent prequel for students who intend to continue their education with more focused study of the individual orders as offered by the Institute. This lecture provides an overview of the core canonical reference literature on classical architecture, exposure to the basic rules, measurements, and proportions used in the classical architectural language, and an overview of the canon of the Orders of Architecture. The second half of the course concludes with an exploration of the enduring appeal of classical architecture, helping the student to discover reasons to employ the language in their work, and to answer the question, “Why Classicism?”

KAA Design Group

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