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Earthship Florida Project
Where:  Manatee County, FL
When:   Thursday, July 31, 2008 - Sunday, November 23, 2008

Earthship Florida Project is the evolution of the Green Camp posted here.  We have made significant changes to the pilot program in order to accommodate a more diverse group of individuals. 

New home breaks environmental ground in Florida

The first, true Earthship ever built in Florida begins construction in Manatee County later this summer. Designed to be in harmony with the environment and entirely self sufficient, this sustainable home uses recycled and indigenous materials, harvests its own water,  generates its own electricity, processes its own waste, self heats and self cools, all with virtually NO impact to the environment.

Tampa, FL. - With the new buzz around “going green”, homeowners are seeking methods in which to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.  Sustainable builder, Bryan Roberts of ECO-TECH Construction in St. Petersburg, is poised to offer them a way to take “green” to the extreme with a self-contained, 100% off-the-grid home called an Earthship.

Earthships, first conceptualized in the 1970’s by Michael Reynolds in Taos, NM, are the ultimate in sustainable living.  As a passive solar home that utilizes thermal mass construction for temperature stabilization, incorporated with renewable energy and integrated water systems makes the Earthship home 100% off-the-grid with little to no utility bills.  “With all the talk about going green and with already using some sustainable building practices, I jumped at the chance to lead the charge in this unprecedented project here in Florida,” says Roberts, “ it is a challenge but one that is important enough to the future of construction and our beautiful state, that I didn’t hesitate to tackle it.”

The Florida Earthship Project project, located on 10 acres in Manatee County, is tentatively set to begin construction late July 2008 and will integrate various opportunities for businesses and individuals interested in learning about green building practices to participate in the actual build.  Florida Earthship Project is offering internships and workshops through a pilot program which allows interested participants to camp on-site while helping build the Earthship and attending workshops being lead by business professionals within the sustainable building industry.  The Florida Earthship Project Workshops are designed to give attendee’s a hands-on learning experience that encourages more environmental responsibility within Florida

The builder is especially interested in involving as many people as possible in this inaugural Florida Earthship Project to demonstrate and encourage others to build more sustainably.  It is because of this passion for the environment and sustainable building industry that he is asking those interested in learning more about Earthships or how they can incorporate specific pieces of the green technologies being used, into their own homes, to join him during the build process.  Volunteers get the chance to work alongside green building professionals on the actual build of the Earthship while learning the techniques that make this home unlike any other in Florida.

Green businesses are invited to participate in the build as sponsors.  Sponsors will be invited as guest speakers to the workshops.  Several opportunities exist for those interested in getting involved to whatever extent they choose. To learn the latest information regarding the Florida Earthship Project, Internships, workshops, volunteer or speaking opportunities and the build itself, contact the project coordinator Aviva Bowman by email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Considering the spiraling housing market and environmental concerns facing every American today along with the high rate of development here in Florida, its more important that ever to learn ways to build in harmony with our surroundings and be able to say our home leaves little to no impact on the environment.

Friday, July 04, 2008
Do you know the exact address?

Saint Petersburg, FL
Tuesday, July 08, 2008
The project is located in Manatee County just off of CR 675 between Hwy 64 and Hwy 70.

Visit http://www.earthshipfloridaproject.com for more information.

Sunday, April 12, 2009
We would love to build an earthship in South Africa do you have any tips. We call it a Project Aardskip.

Saint Petersburg, FL
Sunday, June 28, 2009
Hey Everson,

I just returned from a trip to Africa and I can certainly see the need for sustainable building there. I would love to talk with you more about your project. Feel free to contact me.

South Africa
Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i am also looking to build an earthship in South africa in the near future. I am south african myself but cannot find any useful information on the legalities and land legislation etc. Apparently there are some being built nearby in swaziland (http://www.earthships.co.za/) but they fail to respond to attempts to contact them. Do you have any advice or info or know where to look for such?


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