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Goroda Festival in Greece
Where:  Greece, the island Vido
When:   Tuesday, September 21, 2010 - Sunday, October 03, 2010

Two times a year, in winter and summer, architects from all over the world gather in the most incredible places in Russia - the Baikal, Altai, the Crimea and ancient northern cities - to build their ‘own Town’.

WHO:  Participants - architects and creative people from all over the world.
Festival there will pass under the invitation of a public forum “Russian week on Corfu”
The curator - Ivan Ovchinnikov.
With the support of the Union of Moscow Architects, Russian Union of Architects and Architecture Studio A. Asadov.


WHERE AND WHEN: Greece, the island “Vido”, 20.09 - 2.10.2010

THEME: Architectural interpretation of ideas of philosophers from different countries and times.
The goal of this festival and competition is to create the architectural objects answering to the theme of festival.
The sizes of object are not regulated. In projects it is welcomed:
- Interactivity
- Internal space
- Usability
- Mobility
- Safety of use
- An accomplishment of a surrounding platform

Another qualities which will judge:
- Strength of concept
- Construct-ability
- Durability
- Sustainability
- Aesthetics
- Budget

This is a design-build competition: the construction of the structures will be the responsibility of each team.
Each team choose one of the philosophers and express the main idea of its doctrine through architectural form.

We invite all creative people -  architects, designers, artists, craftsmen, sculptors, actors and musicians. For participation you should build up a team for the project (The construction of each structures will be the responsibility of each team - if you need help - make a mark!!!). The competition is open to all. There are no restrictions on team size or number of entries per team. Fill in the application form and send it with the sketch of the future construction (JPEG, 2000x2000 pixels) with the specification of materials and comments to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and pay a submission fee 50 euro (per person). After August, 2nd the submission fee will be 100 euro (cash and non-cash transfer) . We will send you a letter to confirm your registration with explications how to pay.

1. The sketch of the future construction (JPEG, 2000x2000 pixels).  These images may include any combination of concept sketches, plans/sections/elevations, perspectives and photographs of models. The submission should clearly depict the element or elements and provide enough information (dimensions, materials) so that these elements could be constructed.
2. A list of materials and estimated budget
3. A written description of the design of no more than 300 words clarifying the concept and design strategies
4. Applcation form

50 euro till 2 of August
100 euro after 2 of August

We will not be able to review submissions that do not meet the requirements
All submissions are non-returnable and all registration fees are non-refundable. Awards decisions are at the discretion of the Festival TOWNS. Festival TOWNS retains the right to use any and all submitted work for press, publication, exhibition purposes, and the design & construction of the Festival TOWNS. Copyright to the work is retained by the original author teams. There is no maximum number of submissions that may be made by one team or individual team member. An individual may be part of different teams.
All the sketches will be published on a site after August, 2nd.

Organizers give structural lumber (unsurfaced boards and beams) 1м3 per team, and standard hardware (nails, screws). All additional materials are got by participants at own expense.There are building shops on Corfu . It is desirable to design the objects demanding a considerable quantity of wood and using “house” preparations. Use of materials short-lived, becoming wet and breaking ecology (a cardboard, an adhesive tape, polyethylene, a paper) is forbidden!!!
For the inquiry the average price for materials:
Plywood 6*2500*1250 - 20 euro/sheet
Plywood 12*2500*1250 - 30 euro/sheet
unsurfaced boards and beams (standard length of 4 metres) - 400 euros/m3.
Nails 50, 70, 100мм - 2 euros/kg.
Stone - 8 euros/m2

Residing of all participants is at a camp on island.  IT is necessary to have own equipment. On island there is a fresh water, shower cabins, toilets and small restaurant. The nearest shop is on Corfu. For the prices of products in the market check in on photos.
There is a possibility to live in comfortable hotels on Kerkira/Corfu (the boat to islet VIDO - each hour/2 euros return ticket)
There will be the information centre and distribution of the tools on the islet festival area. Intercom set will be provided to the captain of each team for operative communication with info-centre and organizers.
There is an electricity on islet. It is desirable to use own extension pieces to install electrical equipment.
All necessary PETROLEUM PRODUCTS for work with the benzo-tool will be given. 

To Vido - you have to go to the old port of Corfu town, where you can find small boats daily service for the islet.
The boat leaves every hour and it takes less then ten minutes to arrive to Vido.
To Kerkira/Corfu ferries from Athens, Patras, Venice, flies from different parts of Europe
The charter Moscow - Corfu will be organised for the participants arriving on the basic dates (the price of 400 euros return ticket) .
There will be competition for travellers
- The cheapest road (from Russia)
- The most interesting travel to festival
- The longest travel to festival

For participation in competition it will be necessary to give the photoreport and checks confirming all movement.

August, 2 Submission closes
September, 10 - the beginning of a spadework
September, 18-19 - arrival of participants of festival
September, 20 . 18:00 -  opening
September, 20-29 -  consruction
September, 30 opening of the TOWN
October, 1 lectures, city photofixing, experiments with a
night lighting, excursions
October,2 18:00 - closing of festival,winners announced rewarding

We invite everyone to the formation of the cultural evening program. For the presentation of his team or for organizing the event should be the option of submitting an application on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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