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IE Master in Architectural Design - Apply Now!
Where:  Madrid, Spain
When:   Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dear prospective student,

If architecture, and resulting urbanism, is one of the more tangible cultural manifestations of today’s economic, social, political and also technological realities, it is clearly essential to pose a reorientation of its practice at a time in which architecture lives uncomfortably with rapid changes to paradigms on which it is based.
Therefore, a more global approach to the profession and academic training is required, able to unite architectural thinking and the pragmatism of professional practice, and thus strengthen the two invariable elements of the profession: scientific-technological knowledge, and awareness of the underlying cultural base. Today, these abilities, as well as entrepreneurship, are clearly fundamental to being able to lead creative teams and understand the complexity and reach of the profession.

IE Master in Architectural Design, intends, to bridge the space between the existing fragmented post-professional architecture courses and the ever shifting reality of professional practice.

We propose an ambitious academic program for the IE Master in Architectural Design based on three parallel themes of praxis:

  • Architectural design.
  • A rigorous analysis of scientific/technical advances to allow the precise use of current and emerging technologies in an advanced practice setting.
  • Upmost awareness of the cultural, economic and social milieu in which architecture is immersed.

Thanks to a prominent international and Spanish faculty and industry leaders in each sector, those architects who gain the title of IE Master in Architectural Design be equipped with the most tailored and flexible criteria for the practice of architecture.

An outstanding environment for research, experimentation and professional relationships signal IE Business School and the IE University contribution, guaranteeing that IE Master in Architectural Design is infused with the entrepreneurial and leadership spirit of these institutions.

IE Master in Architectural Design will strengthen those aspects which we consider essential in architecture training and which have served to place Spanish professionals in the vanguard of architectural practice and education in the most influential cities and centers throughout the world. We emphasize the value of global training and the development of interdisciplinary teams with the capacity to materialize architectural projects based on an adherence to the contemporary discourse which the must bring into being.

Our interest is to enrich the experience of professionals as they move towards achieving the IE Master in Architectural Design, the program will be developed rotationally between Madrid and Barcelona, thus benefitting from the cultural, patrimonial and urban management paradigms which characterize both cities.

We believe the IE Master in Architectural Design to be the only program in Europe which strengthens architectural thought, pragmatism in professional practice and scientific rigour, all of which we regard as necessary for every committed architect to exercise their profession in the immediate future.

We invite you to play an active role in this stimulating challenge.

Javier Quintana
IE School of Architecture & Design

Jorge García de la Cámara
IE Master in Architectural Design

IE School of Architecture & Design


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