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Introduction to Processing - Free Webinar
Where:  Online
When:   Saturday, December 29, 2012

Introduction to Processing | 2012 December 28 | 2:00 PM EST [-5 UTC]

Processing is a light-weight programming sketchbook for designers offering an easy entry point for creating rich graphics, developing interactive applets, and researching complex systems. Through a series of short presentations and “live” exercises, learn the basics of writing programs in Processing’s Java-based syntax while experimenting with user input and drawing output.

This webinar will last 2.5 hours including multiple open Q & A sessions. With two instructors offering guided curriculum and continuous support it is our goal to provide you with an in-depth and personal learning experience. A video of the webinar as well as instructor files will be uploaded after the broadcast – all participants will have unlimited access to the webinar content and this video online. Registration can be found below. We look forward to your participation!

What is Processing and how do I create a program?
What are the basic building blocks for programming?
Where can I find References and Help?
How can my user interact with my program?
What are some of the different drawing methods for my “sketch?”

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