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LECTURE | Hashim Sarkis: Geo-Architecture
Where:  Chicago, IL - 3255 South Dearborn (map it)
When:   Thursday, April 18, 2013


Hashim Sarkis, Aga Khan Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism in Muslim Societies at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, will lecture in Chicago on “Geo-Architecture” as part of the Chicago Expander at Archeworks program directed by Iker Gil and Antonio Petrov.

Hashim Sarkis teaches courses in the history and theory of architecture, such as Practices in Democracy, Constructing Vision: A History and Theory of Perspective’s Applications in Architecture, Developing Worlds: Planning and Design in the Middle East and Latin America After WWII, and Green Modern: A History of Environmental Consciousness in Architecture from Patrick Geddes to the Present, and design studios: The Architecture of Geography: Istanbul, Mixed-Use Development, and the Panoramic Condition; Makina/Madina: Reconfiguring the Relationship Between Geography and Event in the City of Fez; Intermodal Istanbul; Square One: Martyrs’ Square, Downtown Beirut, Lebanon; and A Field of Schools: Rethinking the Relationship between School and City in San Diego.

The event is organized by the Chicago Expander at Archeworks and is co-sponsored with the Illinois Institute of Technology and the Society of Architectural Historians.

For more information, please visit: http://www.archeworks.org/chicagoexpander/#january-13

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