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National Seminar on Environment and Bioclimatic Architecture
Where:  Pereira, Colombia
When:   Tuesday, August 25, 2009 - Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The particular lifestyle of man on earth has caused great impacts on the environment is part of that. Statistics show that the construction creates anthropogenic impacts on the environment and its inhabitants as a response, Bioclimatic architecture emerges as a viable option designed to achieve well-being inside, increasing the quality of life, generating further , economic opportunities in the short, medium and long term, close relations between construction and environment. This is achieved by exploiting the conditions of the environment where the climate, microclimate, orientation, light, wind, humidity, rainfall and underground water, telluric currents, and of course a good choice of materials as a result we get a constructive solution to building a particularised achieving environmentally sustainable, socially acceptable, economically viable and aesthetically pleasing.

Traditionally, the concept that drove bioclimatic architecture was very simple: it was build on the conditions and environment in order to produce the best thermal comfort conditions in the housing, a key part of the design and architectural elements. This concept has evolved into ideas to respond to energy demands and environmental advocate who can speak today of “sustainable architecture and construction” Developments such as those of reusable materials, or domotics developments come together to achieve truly amazing.

By talking in practical terms the use of these techniques help save between 50% and 60% of fuel consumption of conventional energy systems and air conditioning. They can also help to reduce a total of 25% in the expenditure of water and 20% in lighting.


Provide actors in the chain of building concepts and tools of basic bioclimatic design, seen as one that seeks to minimize negative impacts on the environment during the construction and development of human physical cores, and its operation the end of its useful life, besides the efficient use of energy resources, materials, climate and environmental conditions in order to achieve a position of comfort solutions in architecture, urban planning and construction of high quality and low energy consumption, all framed on the principle of environmental sustainability.


  * Design and construction of sustainable systems.
  * Sustainable Urban Landscape
  * Colombian Council of Sustainable Construction
  * LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
  * Bamboo as an alternative construction of bioclimatic
  * Presentation of the Laboratory of Experimental and Technical Studies in Architecture Leet of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
  * Energy consumption and use of materials - Alternative Energy
  * Bioclimatic for Innovation in Colombia
  * Environmental regulations applied to architecture
  * Home automation and home automation
  * Environmental management of water in the house
  * Revitalizing the inner city of Pereira

http://www.neotropico.com (in Spanish)

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Thursday, August 13, 2009
Bioclimatic Architecture is concerned with building designs that account for climatic and environmental conditions - (both on the macro and micro scale.)
For instance, In the Northern Hemisphere, buildings in cold environments should be compact, with most of its windows facing south - increasing solar exposure. Taking the micro-scale into account, if any hills are located on site, the building could be nestled in an earth berm (preferably), reducing the amount of heat loss in the winter months. An added benefit would be a cooler interior environment in the summer. These simple techniques will help reduce heating and cooling costs.power off grid system

Friday, August 28, 2009
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