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Where:  New York, NY
When:   Friday, June 07, 2013

We plan to make a film, with a DIY workshop/robotic fabrication lab. This is a groundbreaking way to make a film through architecture.

About the DIY/Computational workshop kickstarter event
Terra Insola is a scripting/fabrication and film workshop taking place this summer in Crete, Greece. This workshop will have four areas of development: theoretical, computational, material fabrication and film documentation. The daily experience of the workshop will be balanced between computation and hands-on work in situ (local knowledge, memories and know-how knitted with global tooling, computation and machinism) as exogeneous-endogeneous apparatuses. A machine will be designed dedicated to a non repetitive component which is able to be re-introduced as a non-standard process to create the geometry of a shell-ter (specific “agencements” and assemblage in the pursuit of the ceramic ornamentation of the Minos Castle, embedded in a computation procedure). This project (design, process, researches, documentation, construction, etc.) will entirely emerge from the collaborative work of our group, as a unique and engaged realization. Blurring the limits between students/instructors and filmmakers/designers, we will define together a strategy of co-responsibility and co-authorship. Check Out our website! TERRA INSOLA

About the Robot
Terra Insola will give birth to an on-site robot, designed by the team.  Stephan Henrich is our in-house robotics designer!  This robot will play an integral role in the shaping of the structure for the film. The mechanic process of this design will be developed during the workshop and will shape the material fabrication methods. (this is one of the groundbreaking aspects to the film and workshop!)

Location Location ..Location
The film and workshop will take place in the historic town of Chania, Crete in Greece. Wow this location is spectacular.  Please google this place and find out for yourself, or visit our site to read the description of the site of the Film and the DIY workshop! (June 7th- July7th 2013)


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