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The Bartlett Development Planning Unit - MSc Building and Urban Design in Development - APPLY NOW!
Where:  London, UK
When:   Saturday, August 03, 2013


The production, reproduction, and transformation of urban space via social, economic, and environmental forces presents a complex challenge for architects, designers, engineers, planners and other professionals. There is an urgent need to use our professional capacities to critically reconsider and recalibrate our engagement with design and society to effectively respond to the challenges of a rapidly urbanising world.

The Msc Building and Urban Design in Development at the Bartlett Development Planning Unit is an innovative 12-month post-graduate course combining cultural, social, economic, political and spatial analysis in the effort to present a holistic response to the growing complexities within the design and production of cities.

Led by an internationally diverse faculty with vast experience in research and practice, the objectives of the MSc BUDD are to equip those interested in the development of urban areas with a political economy perspective of space and a nuanced comprehension of the unique needs, abilities, aspirations, and resistance of urban dwellers in various contexts - specifically in geographies of the Global South. Students are charged to critically challenge different morphologies and tensions that shape complex neo-liberal landscapes at different scales and to respond with strategically coordinated processes of urban design, architecture and urbanism.

The opportunity to acquire these relevant concepts and skills is achieved through a combination of theoretical investigations, writing, hands-on studio projects and extended field research trips working directly with local partners, communities and government representatives. This way of working calls for an innovative attitude in which design is reconfigured at the urban and the architectural scale. Urban practice becomes something more - it becomes an activator for change.


As a profoundly international and inter-disciplinary course, we welcome applications from individuals of diverse cultural and professional backgrounds spanning architecture, urban design and planning as well as parallel fields such as geography, sociology, anthropology, and philosophy. 


More details on course structure/content, faculty, course output, and alumni profiles can be found on the MSc BUDD website at

If you have any questions about the MSc BUDD program at the Bartlett Development Planning Unit please contact Dr. Camillo Boano (Course Director) at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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