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(What is) The Nature of Los Angeles Series: PANEL 2: AIRBORNE L.A.
Where:  Santa Monica, CA - 3221 Donald Douglas Loop South, 3rd floor terrace (map it)
When:   Sunday, November 18, 2012


Looking Northwest, Somewhere Near Torrance, photo by Michael Light

Saturday, November 17, 2012, 5.30 pm

Top viewing platform at Santa Monica Airport: 3221 Donald Douglas Loop South, 3rd floor terrace, Santa Monica CA 90405
This is an outdoor, evening event, i.e., don’t leave home without a sweater! Light refreshments provided. Pilot Cocktail Bar adjacent!

The air of Los Angeles has always been a contentious, turbulent and magical territory. Artists, film-makers, writers, environmentalists and scientists have found both inspiration and conflict in its thickness, its refractions, its particulates and luminosities.  Airborne L.A. will explore the current understanding of this ephemeral phenomenon as well as ideas for a propositional future:  how can a new nature occupy this layer of the city? Is “air/light,” this at once sublime and sinister effect of pollution, already a manifestation of such a hybrid? Filtration systems and deodorizing facilities have already become surreal civic solutions and lichen transplants on high-rise façades provide a visual pollution monitoring system.  Come join a spirited debate about the peculiar magic of airborne particles, the unique light of Los Angles, sprawl, the sublime and grotesque effects of pollution, airborne ecologies and animal strategies.

Moderator: Berenika Boberska, Principle of Feral Office and Adjunct Professor at the Woodbury School of Architecture


  • Michael Light (artist, photographer)
  • Prof. Travis Longcore (USC; Urban wildlife, light pollution, airborne ecosystems: butterflies/insects)
  • D.J. Waldie (author, historian)
  • Prof. Richard Flagan (Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering at Cal Tech, expert on aerosol pollution, head of The Pollen Research Group)

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This series is organized by the AIA Los Angeles | COTE (Committee on the Environment)

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